Snuggling In A Sentence

How To Use Snuggling In A Sentence?

  • Sara climbed into the back of the sled, snuggling down in the blankets beside Penny.
  • She was wakened by his wet kisses in the morning, and he liked nothing better than snuggling into bed with her.
  • Louise slipped lithely from the porch-rail and swung up on the broad arm of his chair, snuggling against him impetuously.
  • Yet Angela was snuggling that otherwise unimportant billet to her cheek when the creaking stairway told her portentously of a solemn coming.
  • We had just got out of our outside garments and were snuggling down between the blankets when Mac came slopping through the puddles that were now gathering in every depression.
  • Deer Park station suggests the leaving point for that charmingly picturesque resort, snuggling in the heart of Bear Canyon.
  • I made our bed, crawled into it, stretched out with infinite relief; and the last thing I was aware of was Romer snuggling in beside me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Snuggling | Snuggling Sentence

  • In about an hour the doctor was back and snuggling down under the covers.
  • All this time Virginia seemed to be snuggling up a little closer.
  • I myself wearing my overcoat, and snuggling up to my friend Cook.
  • A little, snuggling sigh of contentment slipped from the Girl's lips.

Definition of Snuggling

present participle of snuggle | A snuggle.
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