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Short & Simple Example Sentence For So Clearly | So Clearly Sentence

  • I see it all so clearly now.
  • Jack did not see this so clearly.
  • I see so clearly now.
  • Funny she should remember it all so clearly.
  • I cannot so clearly see.
  • Never before had he thought so clearly and purposefully.
  • She had never noticed it so clearly before.
  • He was glad that he saw her so clearly.
  • Seldom had he seen his way so clearly.
  • I have not the medical knowledge needful to do so clearly.
  • I can see it so clearly, living before me!
  • She saw it all so clearly, and so sadly.
  • I see it so clearly that I am forced to disturb you.
  • Him, I felt so clearly His presence.
  • But he was not again forced to contemplate these facts so clearly.
  • You've explained everything so clearly.
  • Never had he seemed to hear the noises of his own progress so clearly before.
  • I am truly grateful for thy promise to teach it to me so clearly.
  • So clearly come out the scenes of childhood under the shadow of death.
  • I have not got it in my heart though, so clearly as the others.
  • But why had he so clearly felt his vision's sweet presence?
  • That one is always so clearly that one that one looking is looking and looking.
  • She thought perhaps these were magic noises, for she heard them so clearly.
  • He saw clearly now; he saw so clearly that he was torn with emotion.
  • But she wondered how it was Carol had come to see it so clearly.
  • It is on the slope of the hill and not so clearly shown in the Plate.
  • So clearly did they read it that Ida actually interpreted it in words.
  • I couldn't see then so clearly as I do now.

How To Use So Clearly In A Sentence?

  • Bring out your points so clearly that men of the most ordinary intelligence can understand them.
  • Never before have the frightful follies of this fatal system been so clearly revealed as now.
  • Seldom in human events do the facts of history carry their own explanation so clearly with them.
  • They hold before you the lamp of science so clearly, that you cannot mistake your way.
  • You see the details of a hill in the distance so clearly that it seems far nearer than it is.
  • Never had any hour so clearly revealed the ravages of mad living and secret unhappiness.
  • But she is not in love with that great boy next her, who is so clearly in love with her.
  • You who are so clever and who think so much and so clearly, must laugh at their elementariness.
  • His face would be just beyond that shadow cast so clearly by what must be a dead bough.
  • Her fine brows met each other over the puzzle, so clearly case for a confidence.
  • They teach you to speak so clearly, to get your voice over the footlights, as it were.
  • To what cause might be assigned this opposite angle of vision, so clearly defined?
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