So Different In A Sentence

How To Use So Different In A Sentence?

  • So different was he that the shock almost unnerved me.
  • It is so different from anything they have ever done.
  • Things seemed so different under this blaze of light.
  • Men are so different from women, you know.
  • Did she bless his union, so different to her own?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For So Different | So Different Sentence

  • But now it was all so different!
  • Judy was so different.
  • All was so different now.
  • But you are so different.
  • I who was once so different!
  • Girls are so different.
  • But then people are so different!
  • Why have they become so different?
  • French habits are so different from ours.
  • So different from me at your age.
  • It all looks so different!
  • So you are not so different as you think.
  • You look so different.
  • But men are so different.
  • And sometimes it is so different.
  • It might have been so different with me.
  • And it might have been so different with you?
  • The feeling is so different.
  • Is it so different in your country?
  • It might have been so different.
  • Every body is so different.
  • Things might have been so different.
  • So different from other women!
  • So different was the semblance that he wore.
  • He had expected something so different.
  • But to-day it was so different.
  • It has made everything so different.
  • Things look so different in the dark.
  • They are so different from any other persons in fiction!
  • They are so different from the people of our own country.
  • The matter appeared so different to him now.
  • It has all been so different from anything like that.
  • But what makes them look and feel so different?
  • But then, she was made so different from me!
  • But you are so strange, so different.
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