So Little In A Sentence

How To Use So Little In A Sentence?

  • I marvel that we quarrelled so little.
  • She has so much and yet so little.
  • She was so little and unprotected and white.
  • Words are of so little use under such circumstances.
  • But there seems so little to describe!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For So Little | So Little Sentence

  • I have so little of it.
  • Meanwhile there was so little to do.
  • There was so little to chronicle.
  • And she had seen so little!
  • There has been so little coal.
  • I so little knew it myself.
  • It all matters so little then!
  • We have so little land.
  • We have so little land.
  • So little did they understand me!
  • Gerald was so little of one.
  • So little did you value him.
  • She wrote after all so little.
  • So much for so little!
  • But we know so little!
  • And he tells so little.
  • I ask so little of you.
  • Yet what is so little attended to?
  • I had so little to prepare.
  • What makes you so little?
  • Welsh had so little imagination.
  • She has so little strength.
  • Then you have seen so little of her.
  • But you know so little about me.
  • You have seen so little of me.
  • Could she have so little heart?
  • That is of so little importance!
  • But then he has so little to do compared with the female.
  • Then trust you us so little?
  • He did not grow at all because he had so little food.
  • But such commands achieve so little.
  • One so little and one so big!
  • One gets so little encouragement.
  • It represents so much in so little.
  • They saw so little of her sex.
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