So Why In A Sentence

How To Use So Why In A Sentence?

  • But if so, why had she come back at all, confound her!
  • It could not take place yet, so why trouble about it?
  • You seem to prefer them to the whites, so why not, pray?
  • That being so, why I climb down.
  • If so, why is Apollo the villain of the piece?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For So Why | So Why Sentence

  • So why all the outrage?
  • So why did you come here?
  • So why torture yourself?
  • So why should you hesitate.
  • So why worry about shutters?
  • So why prolong the agony?
  • So why should we cut our own throats?
  • So why introduce patents?
  • If so, why were they there?
  • So why did women keep him waiting?
  • If so, why did she not tell him?
  • This being so, why think of her?
  • That being so, why should you speak?
  • If so, why had she not let him know?
  • If so, why have you bought guns?
  • If that were so, why did the vultures wait?
  • If so, why did she not let him know?
  • So why crave riches, then?
  • If this is so, why should the serpent have been cursed?
  • If this is so, why should the law have been given?
  • So why make him fall in love with you twice?
  • So why should he, when he became a water-baby?
  • Even so, why had this splendor been reduced to ruin?
  • But it is gone now, so why make a ghost of it?
  • She will come to in a moment, so why be worried?
  • And if so, why was there no sign of it to-day?
  • But if so, why did he bother to send flowers to her?
  • So why seek for details, when these might be sordid?
  • There was time to escape, so why wait for the morning?
  • So, why not have it rain nights when folks are sleeping?
  • If he thought so, why oppose us so long?
  • You see, he has money, so why should it be idle?
  • He had the money, at any rate, so why should he care?
  • Every day was a new one, so why bother about yesterday?
  • So why should I stop you?
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