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  • He seemed to soak up the raw red liquid as a sponge soaks up water.
  • In the pit thus formed water stands after every rain until it soaks away.
  • It soaks the petals of the great Lilies, and turns them into a sickly brown.

How To Use Soaks In A Sentence?

  • The child breathes air already breathed; it soaks in the perspiration of its mother.
  • New oak casks are fatal from the tannin which soaks out; fir casks are safe and good.
  • It oozes out of the dynamite, especially on a hot day, and soaks into everything.
  • Rain falling through this dust soaks it up, and comes down highly discoloured, brown and red.
  • But then Papa is soaked in Goethe, and the longer he soaks the more he adores him.
  • But a not inconsiderable portion soaks into the solid rocks themselves, which are all more or less porous and pervious.
  • The temperance version of this substitutes milk for beer and delicately soaks the toast in hot water instead.
  • As the water soaks through this mould, it becomes loaded with decaying vegetable matter, which it carries with it down into the soil.
  • But if eaten both new and hot, and with butter or milk, or any thing which soaks and fills it, the effect is very bad.
  • It is a great absorbent and soaks up much of the urine that, were straw used instead, would be likely to pass off into the drains.
  • Although in the rainy season we had difficulty to find water, the soil being sandy, a heavy shower of rain soon soaks into the ground.
  • The element thus introduced has spread and is spreading throughout the Soudan, as water soaks into a dry sponge.
  • As he swings, I soaks him between the eyes with a ripe breadfruit, with the result that his aim's spoiled an' he misses.
  • This is moisture which is drawn by capillary force or soaks into the spaces between the soil particles and covers each particle with a thin film of moisture.
  • Where the water laps the sand and soaks into the banks there grows an avenue of vegetation which seems very beautiful and luxuriant by contrast with what lies beyond.

Definition of Soaks

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of soak | plural of soak
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