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  • He had caught them smearing soap over the glass wind shield of his new machine.
  • Evidently the thing could not go on, for our soap was already very near exhausted.
  • A wash-stand lay on its side, as if it snapped its fingers forever at soap and towels.
  • It takes three of us to manage it, two to hold her, and the other to soap and rinse her.
  • The soap is better, if it stand a year before it is used; therefore make two barrels at once.
  • Anyhow, she didn't hand him out no hot soap suds through the winda, 'r no chairs and tables.
  • And Courtenay told him, passing him another cake of soap when the first was finished.
  • An Old Woman and a Boy, in a window, the boy blowing soap bubbles, is dated 1742.
  • The dental society kin wait until you pay me back the money you swindled out of me on that soap deal!
  • I have even heard it said that the use of soap and water is the only thing that distinguishes us from the masses.
  • Pushed back toward the mirror was the cover of the soap dish containing ashes and the butts of four cigarettes.
  • Sandy tried to explain, but it was all the old mixture of soap and microscopes and never being able to speak to her.
  • Everyone has recognized the ease with which a soap bubble will float in the air, and yet it is simply a film of moisture.
  • Papa blew his soap bubles and filled them with tobacco smoke and as the light shone on then they took very beautiful opaline colors.
  • If there was a little good soap and leather occasionally found, the people were too indolent to make them in any quantity.
  • Some of them burn ashes from certain of the karroo bushes, and sell them to the settled farmers to make soap with.
  • A miniature cake of scented soap and many fluttering picture cards bore witness to the resources of the scrap-box.
  • Concern about soap and sanitation, hygiene and the conveniences of life grows because these all go to make up the soil in which the person grows.
  • Its waters are salt, but brackish near the streams, and when evaporated produce a kind of soap used in the country.
  • The leaves should be sprinkled with a mixture of whale-oil soap and water, in the proportion of two pounds of soap to fifteen gallons of water.
  • You will hardly believe me when I tell you that they had to empty the tub and fill it again ten times before the soap was all washed out of my fur.
  • He took a piece of soap from a shelf of the cupboard, threw a dirty rag over his arm, and went down to wash at the tap in the yard.
  • After plunging the blade of the hatchet in the water, he took a small piece of soap which lay on the window sill, and commenced his ablutions.
  • The soap dish and the brush tray were also placed in sockets cut to receive them in the marble slab, which formed the upper part of the wash stand.
  • Cavallo did, however, succeed in blowing hydrogen into ordinary soap bubbles, which arose with great velocity and burst as they struck the ceiling.
  • Whale-oil soap dissolved in water and used as a spray is an effective remedy for the San Jose scale.
  • Perhaps the old Sheikh, however, used a bit of soap to wash his hands and feet early before sunrise when he went to the mosque to pray.
  • Said he to me, 'While there is soap there is life,' meaning to say, you see, that while there was life there was hope.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Soap | Soap Sentence

  • Real soap and clean water!
  • It smells of yellow soap and suds.
  • His father was a soap boiler, and candle maker.
  • I bought the stuff he told me, but the soap was a failure.
  • The three bars of soap were sold, and a purple necktie.
  • Wash off all the soap and starch, in cold, fair water.
  • The "bars" of soap vary in weight and in composition.
  • Soap-dishes, made to hook on the tubs, save soap and time.
  • It is because of these facts that soap is used up by hard waters.
  • Grief clapped his hands for the black steward and ordered soap and towels.
  • The thin soap slips And slithers like a shark under the ships.
  • Sesame, wine, wool, and soap are exported, and the imports are considerable.

Definition of Soap

(transitive) To apply soap to in washing. | (transitive, informal) To cover, lather or in any other form treat with soap, often as a prank. | (transitive, informal) To be discreet about (a topic).
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