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  • Toilet soaps and English laundry soap disappeared long ago.
  • This particularly refers to soaps of the "Washer" type.
  • For many years it was the only store in town to carry soaps and perfumes.
  • Glucose is used in place of sugar as a filler for cheap soaps and for leather.
  • Medicated soaps (soaps containing medicines) are also best let alone.
  • People who wanted any of the fanciful soaps of Rimmel or Piver must buy them.

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  • Tallow soaps are so slowly soluble that they are not applicable to the scouring of silk.
  • The solubility of the different soaps in salt solution varies very considerably.
  • Inferior grades may be used for soaps or for glycerin and perhaps nitroglycerin.
  • The ordinary soaps are made by heating fats with a solution of sodium hydroxide.
  • Cheaper soaps are produced from lower grade materials hardened with alkaline solutions.
  • In the cheaper grades of milled soaps the quantity will range from 10-30 fluid ozs.
  • Palm-oil soap often forms the basis for yellow and brown toilet soaps of this class.
  • Cheaper pale soaps may be made from lower grades of tallow and rosin and are generally silicated.
  • By alkaline we mean "soap-like" or flat, like soda, lye, lime, and soaps of all sorts.
  • Oil of sassafras distilled from the bark of the roots is used for perfuming soaps and flavoring medicines.
  • In the case of soda soaps the colloidal character increases with the molecular weight of the fatty acids.
  • This oil is extensively used in the cheaper toilet soaps and is an important constituent of carnation soaps.
  • Raleigh protruded his face across the soaps and the bottles of perfume, and the apothecary rose on tiptoe to scrutinize the wound.
  • Tallow curd soaps are sometimes used, but the difficulty with which they dissolve is a drawback, and renders them somewhat unsuitable.
  • Instead, you will sit at home in a neat little cottage and brew me soups and make strong soaps to wash my black face.
  • The very best soap for the purpose is an olive-oil soft soap; olive-oil and oleine hard soaps may also be used.
  • An excess of naphthalene should also be avoided, since, on account of its strong odour, soaps containing much of it are unpopular.
  • The fixed oils, as castor, flaxseed, almond and olive oils form soaps with the alkalies and thus also destroy their caustic effect.
  • Curd soaps or finely-fitted soaps made from tallow or bleached palm oil, with or without the addition of cocoa-nut oil, give the best results.
  • All hard soaps are made from soda, grease, and resin; the cheaper soaps contain free soda, the dearer ones contain an excess of fat.
  • He'd never rode in the subway before, of course, but he went to readin' the soaps ads just as natural as if he lived in Harlem.
  • Cheaper qualities of transparent soaps are made by the cold process with or without the aid of alcohol and castor oil, and with the assistance of glycerine or cane-sugar.
  • Every precaution should be taken to ensure thorough saponification of the soaps intended for blending in shaving soap, otherwise there will be a tendency to become discoloured and develop rancidity with age.
  • Many of the medicaments added to soaps require special methods of incorporation therein, as they otherwise react with the soap and decompose it, forming comparatively inert compounds.
  • It is necessary to use high grade materials; the oils and fats should be free from excess of acidity, to which many of the defects of cold-process soaps may be traced.

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Third-person singular simple present indicative form of soap | plural of soap
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