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  • Yet the sobs were quieter.
  • Here sobs choked his utterance.
  • Later even sobs were heard upstairs.
  • So for a minute their smothered sobs only filled the room.
  • The sobs and tears stopped as suddenly as they had begun.
  • Shrieks, sobs and tears filled the quiet nursery.
  • Julia's sobs prevented her from replying.
  • Then her lips began to tremble and the sobs to shake her shoulders.
  • Unbidden tears filled his eyes and great sobs shook his frame.
  • He bowed his head in his hands and great sobs shook his frame.
  • She was still catching little sobs in her throat, now and then.
  • Her voice broke in desperate sobs and long-pent misery found relief.
  • After a time, however, the sobs ceased and she lay thinking.
  • The sobs were still, laughter was hushed, the echoes died away.
  • Her hands were locked around her knees, and hard, dry sobs shook her body.
  • The sobs ceased and Rhoda sat back on her blankets as the idea developed.
  • Mrs. Hall's sobs grew worse and more hysterical.
  • From the stairs, indeed, came shouts and curses, bumps and sobs and cries.
  • Acrid return and slimy, The sobs and slobber of a last years woe.
  • Now thunders 'mid the battle's din, Now sobs beside the wave.
  • Wi' sighs an' sobs she thus began To wail her braw John Highlandman.
  • The Countess's sobs seemed as though frozen, her whole frame was rigid.

How To Use Sobs In A Sentence?

  • She shall visit her foster-parents but once again, and mingle her sobs with theirs.
  • And the sobs of low bewailing Filled the pauses of their prayer.
  • Close to my breast she nestled, and, with sobs and tears now, told me her story.
  • Her garments were sadly bedraggled; a pathetic breast rose and fell in choking sobs and gasps.
  • The dead silence as he was carried in was only broken by the sobs of his Polish officers.
  • At last, when the sobs grew fewer, he remembered the money gripped in his wet fist.
  • He pushed the cold face gently back on to the pillow, and fell over it with sobs that shook the bed.
  • She was still crying, with fitful sobs and starts of indignant protest that made her clench her fists.
  • Emily was seated there with her handkerchief upon her eyes, and her whole frame heaving from the agonized sobs which rose from her bosom.
  • Turning suddenly away, he stood before the fire and made a pretence of warming himself; but his sobs overmastered him.
  • Her eyes grew wide with horror and understanding; her bosom rose and fell rapidly with the sobs of suppressed terror.
  • Recollection brought fresh waves of sorrow, and sobs again took full charge of him, preventing further speech.
  • Toad, who was on the sofa by this time, with his legs up, rolled over on his face, shaken by sobs of contrition.
  • The ceorls, seeing that she could not control herself, wisely left her alone, and presently when her sobs had subsided she looked up.
  • Bobby and Billy had been listening to this awful story with their eyes nearly starting out of their heads; and now both burst into sobs of terror.
  • There were no tears in her eyes; racking sobs shook her slender body; every nerve was aquiver, he could see.
  • Dolly, in her little room, lay listening to the sobs and moans without, to the fierce hands beating and struggling with her window.
  • His attitude, the expression of his features, and the low, convulsive sobs and broken murmurs of the boy, at once explained the scene.

Definition of Sobs

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of sob | plural of sob
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