Society in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Society

1. President of the Aeronautical Society from 1902 to 1909. 🔊

2. There was too much in society that was congenial to me to be given up. 🔊

3. I'll join some society at home. 🔊

4. I dare not tell you of the favors that society bestows upon me. 🔊

5. I was sought after in good society once, little as you might think it. 🔊

6. This Society was founded by Surcouf for the production of ordinary balloons. 🔊

7. It was odd to miss both her and Mrs. Laudersdale from society at once. 🔊

8. Latter appears--prominent society leader. 🔊

9. Quite warm and cosy it all was, with ladies' society and all thrown in. 🔊

How to use Society in Sentences?

1. Even that he could not do well, society had softened his muscles and effeminised his constitution. 🔊

2. I reminded her of the society to which Trimmer had subscribed solely to meet that expense. 🔊

3. How I regretted having left the society of those honest folk outside the gates! 🔊

4. The English society had received many accessions, and suffered many secessions. 🔊

5. It hadn't occurred to me that our society might not be agreeable to ladies and gentlemen. 🔊

6. This is very awkward, as the rules of society do not allow us to stand in this position before company. 🔊

7. My sincere effort politely to avoid society seems only to have resulted in precipitating a shower of invitations upon me. 🔊

8. There had to be considered, also, the fraudulency of continuing to inflict such a woman on society in the guise of a lady. 🔊