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  • White socks are worn.
  • His socks were silk and of the same color.
  • Good thick socks have been priceless.
  • Now div me a dolly to put ve socks on.
  • Half a pair of socks and a pillow-case short this week!
  • He wore trousers, with white socks and slippers.
  • Henceforward only such socks as do not require muffling will be worn.
  • The rails were covered with underwear and socks when the storm started.
  • I used to lie on my socks at night to dry them a little by the morning.
  • I must get these socks finished for you to take with you, my dear.
  • The knitting of socks is a great industry, and a woman can earn 4s.
  • Those are neat socks of mine, aren't they?...
  • Makers of socks and stockings were paid from $4.57 to $4.75 a week.
  • Hastily collecting John's socks and boots she scrambled to her feet.

How To Use Socks In A Sentence?

  • We slept in our clothes with cap and bed socks for extra warmth and comfort.
  • They were stiff, and he walked gingerly in his socks to the fire to thaw them out.
  • Upon ropes stretched above the stove numerous duffel socks and mittens hung to dry.
  • Her trousers were of an extremely fine tissue, and her socks of the most delicate workmanship.
  • Let the body be entirely nude, no socks upon the feet, no scarf about the chest.
  • Her socks were yellow, her apron yellow, and her gown white, with pearls all over it.
  • In this case the boots, we will suppose, can be divided into right and left, but the socks cannot.
  • Your socks little thought I would take them into such horrid places when you made them.
  • She had promised to knit two pairs of socks a week for the Limerick Red Cross Unit.
  • He had nails in his, and one of our friends whom we met on the ice had woollen socks over his boots.
  • As they are necessarily very thin socks for this hot weather, they are apt to melt away entirely under the process.
  • He did not wear his fighting socks at this time, and felt that it would be no disgrace to run away from such an enemy as that which confronted him.
  • He waved a farewell with his hand, took down his socks from a string above the stove, and disappeared through the door again.
  • Below that are bare pink legs ending in little silk socks at a dollar an inch and wee slippers clasped with a simple emerald buckle.
  • She brought him socks and slippers, made a cheerful blaze, and set cold meat and spirits upon the table.
  • A bolster with a pyjama-coat round it, and one arm outside the blanket, and a pair of socks or something for the head.
  • A simple hat of some dark material may be worn together with plain boots drawn up well over the socks and either laced or left unlaced.
  • The licorice sticks had changed to a rich olive brown and had assumed sufficient rotundity to allow of pink-and-white socks and white ankle-ties.
  • The yellow pipe and the socks for the man who gets locked in the garret are down-stairs, I suppose.
  • Women, perhaps unfortunately, cannot all be intended to be mothers, or spend their lives mending socks and attending to spring house-cleaning.
  • Towards evening the socks and boots were so dry that Dexter replaced them, looking down the while rather ruefully at his mud-stained trousers.
  • His old moccasins she replaced with new ones fancifully decorated with beads, and his much-worn duffel socks with warm ones made of rabbit skins.
  • We've just been giving out scarves and socks to some Field Ambulance men along the line.
  • An' have her running an' fixing me out with socks an' shirts an' things like I was going off on honest business.
  • One of them was especially captivating, with fat blond curls, fat legs, blue silk socks and slippers, crisp frills and a broad blue hat.
  • These last were invaluable as the makers of moccasins and duffle socks and leathern coats, without which existence in such a climate would have been impossible.

Definition of Socks

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of sock | plural of sock
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