Sodden In A Sentence

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  • On sodden leaves do you tread?
  • Bruce was grinning under his sodden hair.
  • Off slipped a sodden ulster.
  • One more ambulance plunged up the sodden road.
  • Thaine sat on a pile of sodden straw.
  • Look at those sodden faces and swollen heads.
  • Warrington looked down at the sodden wretch moodily.
  • He would give these sodden barbarians a lesson.
  • A dim perception came into the sodden eyes.
  • He was sodden in drink and going to pieces fast.
  • The sodden boat was drifting steadily toward the island.
  • Penny found the sodden garment lying almost at her feet.
  • Many lay for a time helpless upon the sodden ground.
  • My boots were like brown paper, so sodden were they.
  • I am a failure, a sodden wreck upon the shoals of self.
  • He led me up the gory hill By wood and sodden heath.
  • Then he replaced the sodden end of his cigarette between them.
  • Presently he heard her running after him lightly over the sodden ground.
  • He was sodden and heavy with the heat and the oppression of his garments.
  • The sodden condition of his imagination distorted his sense of proportion.
  • Empedocles came likewise, who looked sodden and roasted all over.
  • The satanic cunning of the proposal was lost upon his sodden intellect.
  • The morning was chill and misty, the turf sodden and shining.
  • He lay limp as a sodden moccasin, and breathed stertorously.
  • Their boots squelched on the sodden turf; the wind bore on them heavily.
  • Her hair, streaming down in a sodden mass, was matted with blood.
  • The swallows high in the sodden sky Circle oft and again.
  • He lay like a log, face downwards upon the sodden leaves just inside the gate.
  • The sodden tents hung dankly, black-grey in the gusty, rainy morning.
  • He nodded at the sodden corpse of Deming, flung up on the grit.

How To Use Sodden In A Sentence?

  • And he had tramped through a day of rain with sodden shoes and steaming garments.
  • It had been issued by companies to the men in the afternoon and by night it was sodden with rain.
  • Even this did not discourage the crowd, which stood about in its sodden clothes waiting.
  • The grey rain-clouds had become darker and the shadows crept over the sodden hills.
  • He had then made back for the lime-kiln to obtain warmth and to dry his sodden clothes.
  • The man in blue flannel and corduroy tapped the sodden heel from his pipe and loaded it afresh.
  • His dress was partly savage and partly civilized, and he was sodden with dirt and drink.
  • When he awoke the next morning the rain was still falling, and the whole world was a sodden gray.
  • So it would go until, with abused nature exhausted, he would sink into a sodden stupor.

Definition of Sodden

Soaked or drenched with liquid; soggy, saturated. | (archaic) Boiled. | (figuratively) Drunk; stupid as a result of drunkenness.
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