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  • Thus he softens it down.
  • Acquaintance softens prejudices.
  • It softens the leather and prevents it drawing up.
  • Of these the bath softens the leg bones.
  • How deliciously the twilight mist softens everything.
  • The loss of the outward purifies the affection and softens the heart.
  • It softens the skin and prevents the frosts of winter from cracking it.
  • Pisen is also good for rats; it softens their whole moral naturs.
  • The pearl, where it can be worn, softens the face more than any other jewel.
  • That holds this mournful melody, And softens grief to sadness so?

How To Use Softens In A Sentence?

  • True art softens the harshest accents of suffering by placing superior to it some elevating idea.
  • The latter softens the heart and sweetens the life, while the former hardens and embitters.
  • The saliva moistens and softens the food, so that, when carried into the pharynx.
  • It softens the manners, cultivates the voice, and purifies the taste of the children.
  • But the sympathy which softens affliction, and even soothes despair, was here unknown.
  • Frugality, in fact, softens character, in animals as in men; gross feeding brutalizes it.
  • Then Fancy swells the picture on the sight, And softens every scene at every touch.
  • It is the worst feature of his case that his melancholy is not of the sort which softens and refines the nature.
  • It often softens the heart of the hardened man and abandoned woman when all other influences are powerless.
  • There is not a soldier in the service who will not insist that this practice softens the feet and leads to blisters and subsequent falling out.
  • But here the mantle of glorious and everlasting green softens and enriches the broken and fluctuating surfaces into luxuriant and cloying beauty.
  • His whole character now changes and the hardness of his previous brutal misanthropy softens into something at least approaching humanity.
  • The poor man's pipe retains him by his own fireside, as well as softens his domestic asperities.
  • But humour, while it cuts through false sentiment, not infrequently softens down the harsher lines in a character.
  • But when the point gets heated up again, as it does by friction in a lathe, it softens and loses its cutting edge.
  • The contrasted districts are separated by an intermediate area, which softens the transition between them, and may be described separately.
  • Cooking softens the tissues, making the act of eating more enjoyable, and also destroys parasitic growths.
  • The luxurious dissipation, in which he veils his daring projects, softens the rudeness of that strength which it half conceals.
  • It softens those somewhat rude asperities of manner which the average Boer housewife usually exhibits.
  • It wins upon us by its modest though blooming appearance, and its gentle influence steals into our bosoms and softens our natures.
  • The ruddy glare rounds off all hard corners and softens every inharmonious line, flashing fitfully here and there on a steel revolver barrel.
  • God alone knows if love, which softens most creatures, had ever come to Gulo; his behavior seemed to show that it had not.
  • It is the sense-of-humor that prevents our making fools of ourselves; it is humor itself that softens our laughter at those who make themselves ridiculous.
  • Another portion of the alkali softens and dissolves the superficial layer of the cuticle; and when this is removed the cuticle is free from impurities.
  • It makes particularly excellent casts, for when it is warm it is not sticky, but softens so perfectly that it will show the tiniest indentation of a mould.
  • A genuine religion alone softens his ferocious instincts, and places the centre of action and obligation elsewhere than in his own pleasure or personal advantage.
  • I often hear it again when, here in my own country, I would speak bitterly of Englishmen, and it softens the harshness of my condemnation.
  • It kneads the pellet and works it up with a little earth gathered on the threshold of its dwelling; it softens the mixture as required and then spreads it artistically in a thin strip on the edge of the sheath.
  • Although blunt, and careless of the feelings of others, there is a certain elegance in every sentence, which softens the rude sentiment into a vigorous anathema.
  • With never failing watchfulness of his audience Kyd softens the tension directly afterwards with a few light touches on the staging and disguises required for the forthcoming performance.

Definition of Softens

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of soften
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