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  • Further solacing words died on his lips.
  • He is said to have called for a solacing pipe just before his execution.

How To Use Solacing In A Sentence?

  • So she wrote on mechanically, solacing herself for what she did with vows of future revolt.
  • Does not your compassionate soul experience at every moment the delightful satisfaction of solacing the unhappy?
  • But each time she entered upon the second act of the play a mysterious and solacing pleasure came to her.
  • April himself was just now squatting by the camp fire, looking after the stew-pot and solacing his ease with an occasional pinch of Kaffir snuff.
  • Whereupon, Cimarron Bill sat up and called for a glass of liquor, solacing himself the while with evil words.
  • This assurance was the more solacing because it was the result, not of external evidence, but of that instinctive decision of temperament which breeds the deepest conviction of all.
  • Such hours made Dolly only the more grieved and distressed when she afterwards perceived that her father had been solacing himself with other and very much lower pleasures.
  • The tedium of his captivity was further relieved by his devotion to those scientific and mechanical pursuits which, all through life, yielded employment very solacing to himself, and very profitable to the world.
  • Their zeal waxed hotter than ever; their contributions flowed even more freely than before into his treasury; and they conceived the idea of solacing his misfortunes by providing him with a wife.

Definition of Solacing

present participle of solace | solace
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