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  • I feared too that solemnity would be lost in pageantry.
  • People came to this solemnity from the extremities of the earth.
  • But how much greater was the solemnity of the present moment!
  • She continued gazing at him with mingled solemnity and fondness.
  • This episode disturbed for some minutes the solemnity of the gloomy ceremony.
  • The centre of the solemnity was the slaying and eating of the paschal lamb.
  • The silence, the solemnity of the place, fascinated Winthrop.

How To Use Solemnity In A Sentence?

  • Bertrand spoke with a solemnity and earnestness which could not but impress us deeply.
  • When they saw me they assumed an air of profound solemnity and doffed imaginary hats in my honour.
  • They mistake impudence for authority, solemnity for wisdom, and pathos for inspiration.
  • They mistake impudence for authority, solemnity for wisdom, and bathos for inspiration.
  • She felt all the solemnity of her position, and, as yet, little of its sweetness.
  • The solemnity which had marked the first days in Munich had given place to boisterous joy.
  • He had asked me to wait with such solemnity that I stuck still in my tracks, waiting.
  • And then the solemnity was all over in a moment, and the flutter of voices and congratulations began.
  • The festival was observed with a solemnity still more marked than the anniversary of the preceding year.
  • Prayers for the dying were said with as much solemnity as if they were being recited in a church on land, or in a cloister.
  • There is always a certain solemnity about a departure, even when the separation is only to be a short one.
  • At the place of execution, they behaved with fortitude and a composure befitting the solemnity of the occasion.
  • On the contrary, the satisfaction is not morbid with which we see a funeral conducted with solemnity and chaste pomp.
  • I think we all felt the solemnity of the moment as we stepped into the black hull which might prove our living coffin.
  • Vergil is not likely to stand in postures before the awful solemnity of the sea or the majesty of wide vistas from mountain tops.
  • You should have been in these crowded cities of Europe to realize the impressive solemnity of such solitude.
  • After the obsequies had been performed with equal solemnity and magnificence, the body of the king was deposited in the choir of the cathedral.
  • The pipe-bearer takes two or three draws, and with an obeisance hands it with much solemnity to his master.
  • She dropped a few tea-leaves in three china cups, and then with great solemnity and occasional guttural ejaculations poured the water over them.
  • With all the solemnity of a vow he bound himself to stay; and Mary thanked him with the fervor of true gratitude.
  • And really, in the fashion in which things were happening, the scene was marked by a certain solemnity and tragedy that wrung every heart.
  • With the solemnity which a person might feel who is planning his own funeral, Wallie arose and made a careful toilet.
  • The church is also very large, and suitable for the celebration of religious functions with the solemnity and splendor of the Catholic worship.
  • These prayers were often spoken in Sanscrit, which the people did not understand and which thus added to the mystic solemnity of the procedure.
  • I wish it particularly understood that, under the solemnity of an oath, I do not state positively where the vessel was going.
  • When the solemnity was over, I received the first kiss from my sweet betrothed, and the assurance of her great love for me.
  • They were even more surprised at the strange question which Gyuri, in spite of the solemnity of the occasion, put to the dying man.
  • The sudden solemnity of this blessing, enhanced by the feebleness of the voice that uttered it, awoke strange emotions in Agatha.
  • And him, the holy prelate, having prayed, blessed, and laid his hand upon his head with much solemnity and with peculiar devotion.
  • A faint smile ruffled the solemnity of Little Bill at this, but it vanished when he heard a low chuckle behind him.
  • This was too much for the pent-up risibilities of the audience who laughed long and loud, greatly to the disturbance of the solemnity of the occasion.
  • I have been very much struck with his superiority, and freedom from diplomatic solemnity and mystery, which is rather affected by the politicals and officials.
  • There was enough of gloom and solemnity in the one party to prove that the execution was not to be a farce, and enough merriment in the other to convince a beholder that the punishment was not capital.

Definition of Solemnity

The quality of being deeply serious and sober or solemn. | An instance or example of solemn behavior; a rite or ceremony performed with reverence. | (law) A solemn or formal observance; proceeding according to due form; the formality which is necessary to render a thing done valid.
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