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  • To the greater number solicitation is its own reward.
  • What god is worthier of solicitation by anxious amourists?
  • He easily supplied the lack of cordial solicitation on my part.
  • Expressionless, save for a glance of solicitation at her father's back.

How To Use Solicitation In A Sentence?

  • He assumed trusts at the solicitation of friends, and was much in request as an arbitrator.
  • A gentleman should never let even urgent solicitation induce him to play for stakes at a party.
  • This naive solicitation of gifts is also practiced on the occasion of the christening of the infant.
  • In 1520 Leonardo da Vinci visited France at the urgent solicitation of Francis I.
  • It was only at the solicitation of another commander that the rounds had been set, and the sentinels placed at the top of the mountain.
  • If he had had suspicion of her entire innocence in the solicitation of this unusual favor before, it had sprung in a moment into distrust.
  • I applauded his spunk and determination, and, at his solicitation willingly joined him in his eloquent rambles.
  • And saith, yt after a solicitation or two shee contracted and covenanted with ye said devill for her soule.
  • Something of his interest in and solicitation for the future of the West must be attributed to his interest in his own possessions.
  • She would not have to leave home to serve her country at "the earnest solicitation of friends" or otherwise.
  • But on mature reflection, I find it is one of those cases wherein my solicitation would be ill received.
  • It was undertaken at the urgent solicitation of Laurens, and Paine certainly regarded it as official.
  • You would not have me rob my child of the divine blessings which, without the least solicitation on my part, have devolved upon me from a strange person?
  • This, like the preceding, soon turned from an ordinary newspaper into a propaganda-sheet for the solicitation of colonists and accordingly went out of existence.
  • The brother-in-law loved the woman, and secretly tried to draw her affections to himself; but to all his solicitation she gave only persistent refusal.
  • I therefore expressed my intention of returning to continue my career as an engineer, but at the earnest solicitation of my father, left my three children with my parents.
  • The next-door neighbours were in great alarm that the witch-doctor would, on the solicitation of the recovering patient, employ some means to punish them for their pretended witchcraft.
  • At Larry's solicitation Luke Striker was allowed to "bunk in" with the first and second mates.
  • It is only in answer to solicitation that I tell the story here as it has been only in response to like solicitation that I have orally told it before.
  • I fear, therefore, that the papers in both cases must remain in my hands till called for by the person whom the parties shall employ for the ordinary solicitation and management of their appeals.
  • At his solicitation Cartier paid a ceremonial visit to the settlement of Stadacona, on October 13, ten days after his return.
  • It was now verging upon three o'clock, and at my solicitation Adele retired to my apartment, while I kept watch beside my patient's couch.

Definition of Solicitation

the action or instance of soliciting; petition; proposal | (US, law) an inchoate offense that consists of a person offering money or inducing another to commit a crime with the specific intent that the person solicited commit the crime
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