Solicitude In A Sentence

How To Use Solicitude In A Sentence?

  • Was it out of a purely disinterested and philanthropic solicitude for their rivals?
  • My suspicions were first aroused by her extraordinary solicitude for my comfort.
  • The object of her solicitude did not survive many minutes after we reached him.
  • The object of this solicitude was quite unconscious of the interest she had created.
  • At once she was the housekeeper and nurse, and all solicitude to make him at ease.
  • Purity of caste was then watched with greater solicitude than purity of conscience and character.
  • This solicitude about little things is most saliently in evidence in the military domain.
  • He wondered now what instinct prompted this particular inquiry of solicitude on his part.
  • Can it be presumption to hope this, when she showed so much solicitude at my illness?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Solicitude | Solicitude Sentence

  • Rosa was all solicitude at this.
  • Runyon was all solicitude immediately.
  • His solicitude hurt her.
  • Some solicitude was now mingled with her anger.
  • This accounts for his solicitude for her welfare.
  • What did this eagerness and solicitude mean?
  • What a center of solicitude and forethought.
  • He is seized with solicitude and a total perplexity.
  • Your solicitude is quite thrown away.
  • I am afraid our solicitude was long in coming.
  • I watched with ineffable solicitude the return of life.
  • He had never known the tender solicitude of a woman.
  • Ah! is my proud solicitude thus baffled?
  • The real object of their solicitude had been the Marquise.
  • And yet her solicitude for Hilary was wholly unaffected.
  • While in solicitude his back Heap slowly to a hump.
  • This kindly solicitude amused Gregory very much.
  • Hence his solicitude for Little Billy.
  • To them the solicitude of the priest will be continually applied.
  • Was it not my solicitude for your health which balked my own plans?
  • Yet it was destined that my solicitude should eventually be baffled.
  • Terry now observed evidences of the most intense solicitude and perturbation.
  • His sole solicitude was about a handful of truculent nomads.
  • It was a mixture of motherly solicitude and dog-like faithfulness.
  • She shall be informed in good time of your solicitude for her recovery.
  • To the tender solicitude half laughing he made jesting answer.
  • I answered in the negative; their solicitude simply annoyed me.
  • His hot drinks and solicitude would not produce the needed perspiration.
  • In return, she certainly mothered me with a solicitude that never cloyed.
  • She stopped him, laying her hand with unaffected solicitude on his arm.
  • No one ever felt a deeper solicitude in behalf of the wayward and thoughtless.

Definition of Solicitude

The state of being solicitous; uneasiness of mind occasioned by fear of evil or desire for good; anxiety. | Special or pronounced concern or attention. | A cause of anxiety or concern.
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