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  • You cannot see any reason why water should solidify in the cold.
  • But he's fifty and characters solidify at fifty.

How To Use Solidify In A Sentence?

  • C. for about ten minutes, and again solidify when the temperature falls to 40 deg.
  • In three years Mr. Pembroke had done much to solidify the day-boys at Sawston School.
  • This solution is then allowed to solidify under such conditions of cooling that the dissolved substances do not separate from the solvent.
  • In a minute or two the mercury will solidify and may be removed from the dish by the wire serving as a handle.
  • Some more or less spectacular action on the part of capital against labor always tends to solidify the organized workers.
  • The residue is then washed with hot water and very dilute soda solution, and allowed to solidify without purification.
  • A trace of moisture causes it to solidify into a mass of silky white crystals, somewhat resembling asbestos fiber in appearance.
  • Her first act of a political nature was to rescue the house of Valois and solidify the royal authority.
  • In the crisis we were facing such a step would allay partisan differences and serve to solidify the Nation.
  • If it were possible to solidify the English-speaking people for common purposes, the gain to them, and to mankind, would be splendid.
  • The woodcutters returned late in the afternoon and began carting their logs up the incline where they were dumped on the mud at the end of the corduroy to solidify the foundation of the extended roadway.
  • This disadvantage is overcome in many cases by saturating the coil after it is wound in some melted insulating compound, such as wax or varnish or asphaltum, which will solidify on cooling.
  • Further than this, there should be legislation to permit the state to solidify its forest lands by exchange, when advisable, and to authorize the purchase of cut-over lands.

Definition of Solidify

(transitive) To make solid; convert into a solid body. | (transitive) To concentrate; consolidate. | (intransitive) To become solid; to freeze, set.
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