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  • I did not succeed in solidifying it, but only in causing some deposit.

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  • The silence seemed transmuted to a slowly thickening essence solidifying round them.
  • Would not matter solidifying after fusion form a glass, a vitreous, rather than a crystalline product?
  • It is impossible to make a clear jelly with them, and by soaking in water to destroy the sea flavor, the solidifying property is lost.
  • There are only two means by which snow becomes crusted; one is this packing and solidifying by the wind, and the other is thawing and freezing again.
  • Seeing that, in most cases, they would be hermetically enclosed in molten and quickly solidifying silica they could not be acted on to any great extent by aqueous agency.
  • If not too saturated, the cupriferous glass soon becomes nearly colorless, but immediately on solidifying assumes a red color and becomes opaque.
  • Since anethol is the most valuable constituent, and the solidifying point of the oil is roughly proportional to its anethol content, oils with a higher solidifying point are the best.
  • Through the separation of the moon, the human body had for a time become supple; but the more it continued to grow on the earth, the more the solidifying forces got the upper hand.

Definition of Solidifying

present participle of solidify
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