Soliloquy In A Sentence

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  • So the soliloquy came into being.
  • Then it is a place for soliloquy and moralizing.
  • Now the object of this soliloquy is plain.
  • And the need of soliloquy would have found him dumb.
  • His remark was more in the tone of soliloquy than addressed to the other.
  • By the time this soliloquy was ended, he had reached the office.
  • Abruptly, she broke in on his soliloquy by suggesting that he go on the stage.
  • They were always opportunities for Shakespearian soliloquy and gesture.
  • She had reached this part of her soliloquy when old Meg entered the tent.
  • But Mammy's soliloquy was rudely broken in upon.
  • Beach's Soliloquy on entering his Pneumatic Chamber.
  • The Dying Soliloquy of the Victim of the Wilkesbarre Tragedy.
  • Winthrop's indefinite soliloquy melted into the rapt silence of imagination.
  • SHAGBAG'S Soliloquy on the Boomerang.

How To Use Soliloquy In A Sentence?

  • His soliloquy was brought to an end by the appearance of a bell boy bearing a telegram.
  • His soliloquy was broken by the flitting of something from one tree to another, some distance ahead.
  • But after his soliloquy he shook his head in a disconsolate manner, and betook himself to a novel by way of distraction.
  • She appreciated fully his feelings, for she had overheard the soliloquy he gave utterance to before he had become aware of her presence.
  • One cannot refrain a smile at the soliloquy of another private who wished to exhibit a bullet-riddled helmet to his friends at home.
  • I would as soon attempt to put Hamlet's soliloquy into a more scientific shape.
  • He spoke rather in a soliloquy than as addressing me, and I did not feel called upon to make any answer.
  • William felt in the mood for a short soliloquy of indignation, for Katharine had contrived to exasperate him in more ways than one.
  • The soliloquy of Thekla consists in the original of six-and-twenty lines, twenty of which are in rhymes of irregular recurrence.
  • The sorrows of the Duchess set inward; if she talks, it is little more than soliloquy imitating conversation in a kind of bravery.
  • With that brief soliloquy Pike slid down from his perch, and for the second time that morning made his way down the hillside and back to camp.
  • This angry soliloquy was pronounced in the hall of the old manor-house of Carrigrohan by John Sheehan.
  • I have observed many a fair spectator flush visibly, heave gentle sighs and watch him in absorption while he delivered a love soliloquy in a clear voice.
  • The soliloquy of Satan, though close as the skin to the body, has a ruddiness (so-to-say) from Crashaw.
  • The red-eyed vireo, whose sweet soliloquy is one of the most constant and cheerful sounds in our woods and groves, is perhaps the most noticeable and abundant species.
  • The last remark I heard that night was a compliment to Mr. Bixby, uttered in soliloquy and with unction by one of our guests.
  • It was like the lament of a proud, free soul, that disdains to impart its grief to any one, and only in a secret soliloquy makes the moon and the night its confidants.

Definition of Soliloquy

(very rare) To issue a soliloquy. | (drama) The act of a character speaking to themselves so as to reveal their thoughts to the audience. | (authorship) A speech or written discourse in this form.
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