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How To Use Solitude In A Sentence?

  • He gazed at his friends with some of the pain of his coming solitude in his eyes.
  • A lifetime in great solitude sharpens the hearing to the most extraordinary extent.
  • The desert solitude had stooped him with its awesome burden of brooding silence.
  • In this deserted mansion the wounded man had to lie in solitude for many weary months.
  • Whenever your solitude weighs on you, come in and let me give you a cup of tea.
  • We remain in the solitude of our covert without speech; almost without feeling.
  • In this solitude his companion was the Bible, brought on shore by him from the ship.
  • For solitude sometimes is best society, And short retirement urges sweet return.
  • He needed solitude in order to face the stupendous bit of information Mrs. Fane had given him.
  • He had powers then of doing precisely the right thing which in solitude might have been dormant from lack of motive.
  • And within the last few weeks her solitude has been cheered by the arrival of a companion from her native forests.
  • All the houses were dark and in a perspective of complete solitude our two shadows dodged and wheeled about our feet.
  • My continued solitude only still further enfeebles me, and really my weakness often amounts to a swoon.
  • Before he obtained his liberty, he lost a companion which had for two years helped to beguile the solitude of his captivity.
  • For all those years he had occupied, day after day, the solitude of a little confessional in the chapel.
  • It is a nobler sight to behold a knight-errant assisting a widow in solitude than a courtier-knight complimenting a damsel in the city.
  • He was a melancholy man, who pursued his art in the solitude of his cell, but made it a source of penance to him.
  • Here the deep solitude is broken by no murmuring brooks, no warblings of birds, no thunder of the waterfall.
  • The land was too broken and too barren for anything but grazing, so that she felt fairly sure of having her solitude unspoiled by anything human.
  • He had known what it was to share life right down to the core with another human being, and when that has once been, solitude redoubles its sting.
  • I had not been long under the roof of the Count, when our solitude was enlivened by another inhabitant.
  • The spot was a lonely one, lonely with that oppressive solitude always to be found where the great hills of ages rear their towering heads.
  • To be left alone in that nearness solitude entails meant torture, the torture of loathing, of shrinking, of revulsion.
  • To your eye, fresh from England, it would appear desolate from its solitude and oppressive from the vastness of the scale of scene.
  • When out, there is the serene pleasure of silent stroll upon the vast expanse, the inspiring solitude beyond which there is only Sea.
  • Jersey seemed to promise both peace and solitude in which to pull herself together after the strain of the last few months in New York.
  • The soul of the missionary or parish priest has a thousand dangers in the solitude of a village; but with prayer and mortification he can overcome all.
  • Are not all its pleasures, all its associations more essentially adapted to such natures; and has solitude one single compensation for all its depression to such as these?
  • He had said to himself that the all-knowing one would only preach again about the evils of solitude and worry his head off in favour of some forlornly useless protege of his.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Solitude | Solitude Sentence

  • Darkness and solitude shine, for me.
  • An old fort and a mosque stand in solitude on the top.
  • Whom I may whisper, Solitude is sweet.
  • I was more than two hours in solitude under this painful conflict.
  • Studies And Solitude Of The Greeks.
  • La solitude se fait autour d'elles.
  • Its one charm lies in the solitude and freedom of a vast unpeopled waste.
  • Ici ma jeunesse se passait dans la solitude au sein de la nature.
  • Which in my solitude I fondly cherish'd?
  • What a feeling of solitude and desolation, deep, far-extending snow gives one.
  • Tom Osby grew restless under solitude ere long, and made friendly advances.

Definition of Solitude

Aloneness; state of being alone or solitary, by oneself. | A lonely or deserted place.
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