Soluble in a sentence

Definition of Soluble

Able to be dissolved. | Able to be solved or explained.

How to use Soluble in a Sentence?

  • Most of them are blue or green in color, and the soluble ones crystallize well.
  • It is somewhat soluble in water, and in solution has a slightly sweetish taste.
  • When sugar is heated a black substance is formed which is neither sweet nor soluble in water.
  • They are all soluble in water, and when heated to a high temperature undergo decomposition.
  • Like calcium, it is a constituent of many rocks and also occurs in the form of soluble salts.
  • It is insoluble in water, but is freely soluble in a few liquids, notably in carbon disulphide.
  • It has already been stated that oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen are slightly soluble in water.
  • Accurate study has led to the conclusion that all gases are soluble to some extent not only in water but in many other liquids.
  • The insoluble carbonates are formed as precipitates when soluble salts are treated with a solution of a soluble carbonate.
  • The substance is very soluble in water, and it is this solution which is usually called hydrochloric acid.
  • It is largely used in the laboratory as a reagent to detect the presence of sulphuric acid or soluble sulphates.
  • Oxygen is more soluble in water than hydrogen, and a very little of it is also lost by being converted into ozone and other substances.
  • These hydroxides are white solids; they are readily soluble in water and possess very strong basic properties.
  • It is not soluble in water, but is freely soluble in some other liquids, notably in carbon disulphide.
  • One atom of each of the elements combines with one atom of hydrogen to form acids, which are gases very soluble in water.
  • The gas is very soluble in water, one volume of water dissolving eighty of the gas under standard conditions.
  • It is interesting as being one of the few phosphates which are soluble in water, and is the salt commonly used when a soluble phosphate is needed.
  • It is rather sparingly soluble in water at ordinary temperatures, about three volumes dissolving in one of water.
  • This salt, while sparingly soluble in cold water, is almost completely insoluble in superheated water.
  • Bromine is somewhat soluble in water, 100 volumes of water under ordinary conditions dissolving 1 volume of the liquid.
  • The hydroxide formed in this way is very slightly soluble in water, but enough dissolves to give the water an alkaline reaction.
  • It is better, therefore, to convert the insoluble calcium phosphate into the soluble primary phosphate before it is applied as fertilizer.
  • It is a colorless substance crystallizing in fine needles, and, like most ammonium salts, is very soluble in water.
  • Those metals whose chlorides are insoluble form soluble fluorides, while many of the metals which form soluble chlorides form insoluble fluorides.
  • It is a colorless, strongly fuming gas, heavier than hydrochloric acid and, like it, is very soluble in water.
  • When strong solutions of sodium chloride and of ammonium hydrogen carbonate are brought together the sparingly soluble sodium hydrogen carbonate is precipitated.
  • The reaction depends for its success upon the apparently insignificant fact that sodium chloride is almost equally soluble in cold and hot water.

Short Example Sentence for Soluble

  • It is one of the few soluble carbonates.
  • All nitrates are soluble in water.
  • In boiling water it is not soluble at all.
  • Some bases are very difficultly soluble in water.
  • These are white solids soluble in water.
  • They are colorless solids, freely soluble in water.
  • The soluble impurities remain for the most part in the mother liquors.
  • All chlorides are soluble save silver and mercurous chlorides.
  • It forms large colorless crystals which are exceedingly soluble in water.
  • It is readily soluble in carbon disulphide, forming a yellow solution.
  • All sulphates are soluble save those of barium, strontium, and lead.
  • These are white solids, soluble in water, the latter sparingly so.
  • It is extremely soluble in water, 1 l. of water at 0 deg. and 760 mm.

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