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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Solution To | Solution To Sentence

  • What is the solution to all of this?
  • There was no solution to it.
  • Janet had but one solution to offer.
  • It is almost the only solution to the problem.
  • Add the solution to the fish in the beaker.
  • Use the violet solution to render it visible.
  • One solution to this was his possible coming home.
  • The solution to the difficulty is at present very doubtful.
  • Parkinson had hit upon a solution to his problem.
  • Behind the mystery was a practical solution to problems.
  • The whole world is groping for solution to this problem.
  • Add sterile litmus solution to the required tint.
  • Add the nutrose ascitic solution to the fluid agar.
  • Tint the whey with litmus solution to a deep purple red.
  • I must find another solution to satisfy my mind.
  • Promptly Karl Formes sounded the solution to the chord.
  • He was anxious to discover the solution to the problems of the day.
  • There is no other solution to the woman question, and there can be no other.
  • He was rather doubtful about a supernatural solution to the mystery.
  • Twelve hours before there had seemed no possible solution to her predicament.
  • He was nearer a solution to the latter mystery than either of them knew.
  • This scheme is an attempt to find a solution to the labour problem.
  • Tint the whey with neutral litmus solution to a deep purple colour.
  • But she interrupted him, struck suddenly with a solution to the riddle.
  • The mixture is boiled, and the aqueous solution to be tested then added.
  • Add sufficient sterile litmus solution to colour the medium pale lavender.
  • Add one part sterile saline solution to three parts mixed eggs.
  • Then add sufficient caustic soda solution to render the reaction +10.
  • Until now I have not realized the solution to this evil being.
  • Supposing that was it; at least, a solution to part of this amazing riddle?
  • The problem tormented him day and night, and he could see no solution to it.
  • Washington had seen no solution to the problem but to let Jefferson go.

How To Use Solution To In A Sentence?

  • But something in the nature of solution to the riddle was nearer than he had supposed.
  • Dilute with water in the proportion of one part of the solution to seventy-five of water.
  • I believe it is the only one that will convey the solution to every part of the vaginal cavity.
  • Add sufficient sterile litmus solution to tint the medium a dark lavender colour.
  • After each washing, the use of a strong antiseptic solution to the wound is again beneficial.
  • He waited for another minute for the solution to take effect, then he unholstered his gun.
  • Meryl sat on silently, still seeking some sort of a solution to something she could not name.
  • Certainly, I believe that it really gives the solution to the puzzling dream fragments.

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