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  • Solutions to the Problems are not, however, required.

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  • The rule is that in similar circumstance there are similar solutions to a problem.
  • Key to the above, containing Solutions to all the Questions in the latest Edition.
  • Software solutions to practical problems do converge, and programmers definitely draw upon prior lines of code.
  • When solutions to the Problems are sent in, they are criticised, graded, and returned with suggestions for further study.
  • On the result of this experiment determine the bulk of medium required in the subculture tubes and the percentage solutions to be employed in the trial trip.
  • The addition of water causes these solutions to become milky, because they are decomposed into a soluble acidulous and an insoluble basic salt of bismuth.
  • Any well-intentioned group can in a general sense devise practical solutions to its problems, but good intentions and practical knowledge are usually not enough.
  • If the officials were good, their integrity and common sense would show them the solutions to problems and they would have no need to solicit advice from some manual of commands.
  • Later in the evening when the early clarity of thought had left him and his mind moved disjointedly in and out of seemingly brilliant, emotional solutions to his problem, he knew he must have a showdown.
  • TransSearch allows translators to search databases of pre-existing translations in order to find ready-made solutions to all sorts of translation problems.
  • They even stretched their political base by discovering, albeit too slowly, the realities of environmental racism, on the one hand, and the benefits of market solutions to some environmental problems on the other.
  • That materialistic ideals have, in the light of experience, failed to satisfy the needs of mankind calls for an honest acknowledgement that a fresh effort must now be made to find the solutions to the agonizing problems of the planet.
  • Its Principles and Application, with Solutions to Examination Questions, 1892-1905, Orthographic, Isometric and Oblique Projection.
  • In this process the anode solution had to be kept separate from the cathode solution, and the membrane which had in consequence to be used, was liable to become torn, and so to cause trouble by permitting the two solutions to mix.
  • A magnifying glass is used to count the threads in a fabric; woolens are boiled in chemical solutions to determine whether there is any adulteration; and cotton goods, such as sheets and pillow cases, are weighed, washed and weighed again to ascertain to what extent they are loaded.
  • The committee would provide for the executive measures that must be taken to oppose the growth of economic and political anarchy in central and southeastern Europe, would distribute the problems that were to be studied by special commissions, and would formulate or approve the solutions to those problems.
  • Nevertheless, while the Chinese may not turn again to the classics for guidance in concrete situations, or consult ancient authorities for solutions to simple practical problems, the moral and social doctrines of Confucianism, redefined or modified, could well play a definite role in the modern world.
  • There were, of course, numerous nostrums warranted to allay the fiery tingling and maddening stinging of the malady, and, as I cheerfully adopted every suggestion that came to my ears, I was presently stocked up with enough salves and solutions to fill an apothecary-shop, and my associates began to complain that I was as redolent of odors as a chemical laboratory.
  • It will be remembered that Mr. WEEKES, of Sandwich, continued during three years to subject solutions to electric action, and invariably found insects produced in these instances, while they as invariably failed to appear where the electric action was not employed, but every other condition fulfilled.
  • The company publishes language translation software products in Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian and English, and finds solutions to translation problems faced by individuals and small businesses, to multinational corporations and governments (a stand-alone product that gives a fast, draft translation or a full system to manage professional document translations).
  • As practical solutions to the Nationalist-Communist conflict were found, the people in the larger cities were released from the governmental restrictions which the Nationalists--upon Japanese insistence and threat of force--had placed on the expression of patriotic sentiments.
  • On the day after Sedan the Quaker surgeon Lister had published directions for the use of aqueous solutions of carbolic acid to destroy septic particles in wounds, and of oily solutions "to prevent putrefactive fermentation from without."
  • Liquoring of Soaps._--This consists of the addition of various alkaline solutions to soap to produce different qualities, and is best performed in the crutching machines, although it is in some instances carried out in the frames.
  • If commercial companies and other governments are taking it seriously, then so must we."7 Sweden found open source software to be in many cases "equivalent to--or better than--commercial products" and concluded that software procurement "shall evaluate open software as well as commercial solutions, to provide better competition in the market."8 26
  • "This," said the Maestro, as he calmly introduced fresh cartridges into the chambers of his smoking weapon, "is what might be called an application of western solutions to eastern difficulties."
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