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  • That solves the problem.
  • This solves the problem for the parents.
  • That noise solves the whole proposition.
  • The nursery bed solves both these problems.
  • This gives us the key to the series and solves the riddle.
  • The College exactly solves the problem.
  • The Absolute solves no intellectualist difficulty, 296.
  • It solves the riddle because it is not an absolute not-being.
  • But you don't, and that solves the problem.
  • The instinct of the first duck solves the problem for all the rest.
  • He only makes the figures, while the principle solves the problem.
  • She tells the story which Thaddeus had told her, and this solves the mystery.
  • On a vacation in Arizona Nancy uncovers an old mystery and solves it.
  • Sewing generally solves all the toughest problems, chiefly other peoples'.
  • Wherein Nelson Solves the Mystery 130 XIII.

How To Use Solves In A Sentence?

  • The poet solves the problem by casting doubt upon the facts which threaten his hypothesis.
  • The science of understanding, by generalizing contradiction, solves all concrete contradictions.
  • The idea of love solves for Browning all the enigmas of human life and thought.
  • Nordenskiold solves the North-East Passage along the north coast of Siberia.
  • But each age solves its own problems; and the passage into the promised land is the issue for another generation.
  • But each age solves its own problems; and the passage into that promised land is the issue for another generation.
  • This discovery, he believes, solves once and for all the ancient riddle of the relation of thought to reality.
  • But a man of reason or of imagination solves readily the problems of understanding, the moment these are fairly stated.
  • This theory in no way solves the problem before us, but rather complicates it, because it does not explain how the relation of souls is adjusted.
  • The problem is imperatively set, he solves it as best he can; the myth is a response to a host of theoretical and practical needs.
  • What she asks, what she says, the colonel cannot hear; but another moment solves all doubt as to his proper course.
  • Love, once for all, solves that contradiction between them which, both in theory and in practice, has embarrassed the world for so many ages.
  • Early summer solves the mystery by hanging the tips of these wands with brilliant scarlet blossoms, in every way satisfying the earlier promise.
  • The immediate experience of life solves the problems which so baffle our conceptual intelligence: How can what is manifold be one?
  • After you have speculated frantically how you are to pass him, he solves the problem by calmly turning his horse off the edge and sliding to the next lacet below.
  • Not that it solves all these riddles; on the contrary, it says explicitly that this solution can be but the work of an ever advancing scientific research.
  • But it solves them in so far as it deprives them of the character of a mysterious enigma and transforms them into a practical problem, the solution of which we are approaching by an infinite progression.
  • This answer at the same time solves the other question, whether it is a mortal sin to put arms in the hands of an enemy of religion that he may use them against faith and morality.
  • Philosophy is the science which has been engaged in solving this riddle, and the final solution of the riddle by the clear understanding of the process of thought also solves the question of the nature of philosophy.
  • But until science solves the problems of tropical disease, East and Central Africa must not be looked upon as an area for white colonization.
  • Co-operative thinking solves the knottiest problems for the colony, invention flourishes and, once started, money flows into their coffer at a fairly satisfactory rate.

Definition of Solves

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of solve
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