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  • Some guy who was wise croaked him.
  • But once in a while you find some guy dat talks French or German.
  • Just some guy wonderin' if he should bump himself off?"
  • some guy would muff the ball, I mean the mountain.
  • "I told you 'Allah' was some guy," he wheezed.
  • "So some guy makes a fuss.
  • "Some guy tells him to drive him out here, I guess.
  • But mine's the worst by half a verst, Since some guy stole my breeches."
  • "Some guy has stolen our dinner."

How To Use Some Guy In A Sentence?

  • Say, I could actooly give up smokin' for her, if I had to hire some guy to do it for me.
  • The users of underground boards won't complain if some guy is busted for crashing systems, spreading viruses, or stealing money by wire-fraud.
  • Maybe it's not all that surprising that some guy obsessed with power through illicit technology would also have a few illicit high-velocity-impact devices around.
  • There was "Sandy" Sandquist from US SPRINT security, and some guy named Henry Kluepfel, from Bellcore itself!
  • And then some guy came up to me one night at Gruber's and told me he was married already."
  • "Some guy comes up and asks me for a match and starts talkin' friendly, and mebby asks me to have a drink,
  • "But the queerest thing was me hearing some guy lying all messed up on the deck muttering something about _skookum kluches_, and some more Chinook _
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