Some People In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Some People | Some People Sentence

  • Some people denied this.
  • What insolence some people had!
  • Some people cannot feel it.
  • Some people are inquisitive.
  • The apings of some people.
  • Some people only look.
  • The conceit of some people!
  • Some people do not and cannot see.
  • We saw where some people had been lying down.
  • Some people deny its reality.
  • I suppose it suits some people.
  • Esperanto as it stands is very difficult for some people.
  • Some people find it out of doors or in each other.
  • Some people are the greatest nuisance.
  • Some people are so absurd about their babies!
  • Fortunately there are some people of action present.
  • I heard some people talking.
  • Some people think that there are no fairies.
  • I am not so blind as some people think.
  • Some people know other ones.
  • Some people grinned sympathetically.
  • Some people are always bored.
  • Some people thought him very foolish.
  • How blind and selfish some people are!
  • Some people are chronically tardy.
  • Some people seem to have all the luck.
  • Some people will not see the point.
  • Hence some people prefer spirits.
  • An opinion from which some people differed.
  • Some people are very subject to this development.
  • Some people have spoken of a referendum.
  • I have some people coming in to see her.
  • Some people think he was a goldsmith.
  • And yet there are some people that talk against me!
  • So there were still some people who loved me!

How To Use Some People In A Sentence?

  • We are astounded at the incredulity of some people.
  • Some people are getting more than others.
  • Not half so silly as some people think!
  • Some people do, you know.
  • Some people seem to get all they desire.

Definition of Some People

(idiomatic) Expresses disapproval at the actions of a person; a disapproving response to a person doing something silly, bizarre, nonsensical or ill-mannered.
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