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How To Use Some Small In A Sentence?

  • Evidently he only imagined that it was some small outbreak which would soon be got under.
  • All we have to go on is that you start somewhere from the mouth of some small ravine.
  • If you can procure some small button mushrooms they will be found an improvement.
  • Years ago the people could entertain some small hope of prosperity now and again.
  • During this period he made several discoveries in sound which were of some small importance.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Some Small | Some Small Sentence

  • She made some small remark to me.
  • Make some small dumplings with flour and batter.
  • The water exchanges of some small mammals.
  • Some small beginnings have already been made.
  • Forbes had five dollars and some small change.
  • The casual doer of some small amiss.
  • Add some small dumplings made of flour and butter.
  • Some small white pustules formed on the eyelids.
  • We went to this and found some small water holes.
  • Some were enormously large, some small.
  • Upon the plain some small birds have been afoot some time.
  • You easily do it in some small ways in the lower life.
  • You may also put in some small dumplings.
  • For shame some small remorse to see you kneele.
  • On the sofa are also a fan and some small dinner favours.
  • Have ready baked some small shells of puff-paste.
  • She felt like some small child being prepared for a party.
  • Above these were some small, plump, boned hams.
  • Let thy father Hear some small trial of thy skill.
  • Trois Maisons=, probably some small village on the road.
  • For some small time, untill I rid him hence.
  • Some small object.
  • I observed that there were some small debts to be discharged.
  • Then there are numbers who are only guilty of some small offence.
  • Having been some small time there he sends some letters for what he wants.
  • I have had some small connection with politics and public life.
  • In the letter case was a letter from myself on some small matter of business.
  • But there it was again, indubitably some small luminous body.
  • For she thought it great sport to capture some small creature.
  • After that would come some small experience of a court of law.
  • Some small nebulae have been found in the vicinity of the globular clusters.
  • Some small mutinies occurred in this arm of the service in the presidency.
  • From the ford we returned up the river and encamped near some small waterholes.
  • Just before you take them up, lay some small pieces of butter on them.
  • Ben groped at it uneasily, with some small confusion of envy.
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