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  • Some type of government at least which does not make the geographical unit the basis of everything must be the government of the future.
  • Some of us are so placed that we cannot have daily recreation outdoors and it becomes necessary to give our bodies some type of activity to keep them normal.
  • We can speak of qualities of tree in abstraction from any particular tree, and we can speak of qualities of mind as such, or of some particular kind of mind in relation to some type of situation.
  • Early in the day the two foremen each visit the rival plants, ostensibly to borrow some type and a little gasoline, but in reality to count the advertisements and to see how late the rival sheet is going to be.
  • These all indicate to me that thoughts are not mere indefinite things but that thoughts are forces, that they go out, and that every distinct, clear-cut thought has, or may have, an influence of some type.
  • What has usually happened in the past appears to be the emergence of some type of animal hitherto rare and unimportant, and the extinction, not simply of the previously ruling species, but of most of the forms that are at all closely related to it.
  • A descent of some type of life, vanished from the world too long for recollection, was on the way,--so vast that it would manifest itself in a group of forms, a troop, a host, an army.
  • William Caxton, a London merchant who went to Holland to purchase cloth, bought a few books and some type, and established a printing-office in Westminster Chapel, where he issued, in 1474, "The Game of Chess," the first book printed in England.
  • Even as he answered with a simple affirmative, he had a flash of intuition that might be fanciful, yet that might be true: that this extraordinary pair were intent upon some ceremony of evocation that should summon into actual physical expression some Power--some type of life--known long ago to ancient worship, and that they even sought to fix its bodily outline with the pencil--his pencil.
  • In the darkness, and to Sophy's ignorance of anything individual about her, the woman was like a picture or a sculpture--some type or monument of human woe--a figure of embodied sorrow, crying that all joy ends in tears--in tears--in tears.
  • Our "character man" of the priceless monocle and the trotting terrier was "like" some type in a collection of types--that was the word for it;
  • she and her sister wore and the huddling together of the four under the heavy poncho had generated a moist heat which probably helped to preserve the two delicate women from some type of deadly pneumonia.

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  • There was a machine of some type near him.

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