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  • It's only somebody like him.
  • I wish it would turn out to be somebody like the little girl on the train.
  • John Jacobs was holding that ground for somebody like you and me.
  • It can hardly be a makeshift to have somebody like Tante to love and care for.
  • If you left the transaction to somebody like St. Cyr, say, it would be botched.
  • And it's such a score having somebody like you to tell it to.
  • I'll tell her all about Mrs. Leo Cairngorm or somebody like that.
  • I came down 'ere to look for somebody like you,
  • But it would take somebody like Ivan to make him stay all the way down."
  • "Oh, there is always somebody like that on a hay ride.
  • "We'd have to have somebody like that," she said.
  • "If I were somebody like Hemingway--" Martin began in a miserable voice.
  • "If she had picked somebody like you I wouldn't have minded.

How To Use Somebody Like In A Sentence?

  • To get married to somebody like Constance seemed the next step in his sensible career.
  • Why, yes, Mr. Eagle,' I said, 'if I just had somebody like you to give me a few lessons.
  • Why, yes, Mr. Eagle,' I said, 'if I just had somebody like you to give me a few lessons.
  • Jus' seemed, somehow, like a rough game, with somebody like t' get hurted if they kep' it up.
  • Registered as Guyler from Minnesota, but I've seen somebody like him among the boys from Silverdale.
  • That wound had healed, and when I left Honduras, I did not think that I had an enemy in the world, unless it was some poor devil of a disgruntled native workman I had been forced to discharge, or somebody like that.
  • In earlier days Judge Orcutt would have tried to find, in such a case, some able and scrupulous young lawyer to perform the necessary function, somebody like himself who would have a chivalrous regard for the defenseless condition of the two women.
  • But it is scarcely extravagant to say that it is more difficult to conceive even Scott doing what he did without Richardson, Fielding, and Smollett before him, than it is to believe that, with these predecessors, somebody like Scott was bound to come.
  • Poppies in the corn," said Miss Mapp over and over to herself, remembering some sweet verses she had once read by Bernard Shaw or Clement Shorter or somebody like that about a garden of sleep somewhere in Norfolk....
  • If somebody like Orgzild got hold of a nuclear bomb, even a little old First-Century H-bomb, he could use it for a model and construct a hundred like it, with all the plutonium we've been handing out for power reactors.
  • And because of that you thought it might be worthwhile to tell the FBI about me-- which wasn't very kind of you, Doctor, before you know anything about why they wanted somebody like me.
  • Made it about noon, took possession of a convenient mooring-buoy inside the breakwater--which buoy I found out later was sacred to the French flag-ship or somebody like that--called on our Admiral there, and was among friends.
  • I wad just need somebody like you to look after me; and noo, Nelly, if you would promise to be my wife, I would never seek anither."
  • I was thinkin' that it must be a mighty pleasant thing to know that if you're took sick somebody like that 'll take care of you."
  • Yes; somebody like Orgzild, or King Firkked, here, could easily pick up the idea that that's our home planet."
  • "And that savage didn't think an idea like that up for himself; he got it from somebody like Orgzild," the black-bearded brigadier-general added.
  • "Met him less than twenty-four hours ago, but I wish I'd met him or somebody like him ten years ago," Murk replied.
  • If we could locate along o' some of our ol' mates, somebody like old John Tucker,--it would be a--a paradise, eh, Jake?"
  • somebody like that, which gums down the moustache, so that you don't notice it' '
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