Someone Else In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Someone Else | Someone Else Sentence

  • Suppose it were someone else?
  • Someone else did know!
  • Perhaps someone else has.
  • And someone else gets in it.
  • Lloyd was destined for someone else.
  • Now she belonged to someone else.
  • Someone else had been taking that wood.
  • You will find someone else.
  • Did someone else hang them in the tree?
  • So they will begin to live for someone else.
  • Even my cells will have been resurrected as someone else.
  • Someone else suggested returning to the college.
  • And in his absence she had loved someone else.
  • Evidently someone else was coming for the train.
  • I think someone else owns it.
  • Someone else has always to foot the bill for what we do.
  • It might be left to someone else.
  • Someone else would have lent a hand if not he.
  • Suppose he were to think someone else prettier than me?
  • Get someone else to-night.
  • If he had not placed them there, then someone else had.
  • Each supposed that someone else had taken charge of him.
  • Get someone else to pay your taxi bills.
  • There is great joy in helping someone else.
  • There was someone else on board who must be mentioned.
  • He decided finally that someone else had found it.
  • If not they would find someone else who would.
  • Well, find someone else!
  • He felt he wanted someone else to be happy too.
  • On a sudden someone else came towards him up the steps.
  • This time it seemed to be almost entirely someone else.
  • In each case, someone else will proofread it.
  • It sticks unless someone else begins to tinker again.
  • I'm waitin' to see if someone else does.
  • Then whoever it is speaking must let someone else try.

How To Use Someone Else In A Sentence?

  • Why have you been talking to me as if I were someone else?
  • It is someone else I have listened to before.
  • And then would it be Rachel or someone else?
  • Now what I want you to do is to marry someone else.
  • Is it always someone else, Brian?

Definition of Someone Else

Some other person.
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