Something Important In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Something Important | Something Important Sentence

  • I have something important to say to you.
  • Perhaps he has something important to say.
  • Supposing it contained something important?
  • It concerns something important and private.
  • He believed they had learned something important.
  • But there was evidently something important on the wing.
  • Let us talk about something important.
  • I am sure she has something important she wishes to say.
  • I think he has got something important to communicate.
  • Anyhow, suppose something important happened.
  • No, he could not sleep; he had something important to do.
  • Now I have something important to do.
  • But I believe this is something important to Paula.
  • I've something important to say.
  • You said in your letter that you had something important to talk of.
  • Evidently something important was taking place in another part of the park.
  • There's something important that we must take care of.
  • She stood, and looked as though she had something important to say.
  • She felt that something important hung on there being a letter from Neale.
  • We simply let them alone, unless something important happens to go wrong.
  • The fact is I've come about something important.
  • Something important had happened, Murk told himself immediately.
  • Father has come back from London, and has something important to tell you.
  • But Mr. Jeminy could see that she had something important to say.
  • Mary Ellen, I want to speak to you about something important.
  • It is something important--very important indeed.
  • If you want to hang up, go ahead and you'll miss something important.

How To Use Something Important In A Sentence?

  • But because this kind of artwork has something important to contribute to our national culture.
  • I know you would not be here to-day unless you had something important to communicate to me.
  • They seemed to think it was a joke of some kind, instead of something important.
  • They would be blamed and ridiculed, if they adjourned without doing something important.
  • As I ran by the flaming car, all of the women in the street felt something important.
  • Surely that first of the blackgowns who came to their village had something important to tell them.
  • Hawkins sensed that something important was taking place and straightway determined to accompany the party.
  • They always insist that their kings and generals go into battle, particularly if something important is to be done.
  • That means they were deep-cover agents, kept hidden until there was something important enough to bring them out.
  • It was the measurement most likely of something, and he was afraid of forgetting it; therefore it was something important.
  • She had something important to say, and the mere idle chatter of this happy family passed over her ears unnoticed.
  • Ellen was expectin' to be home at six o'clock sharp but something important must have come in and they need her.
  • He had expected nothing else, but there was a great air of excitement and expectancy as if something important were going to happen.
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