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  • She had now for sometime resided entirely with them.
  • It took him sometime to get warm again.
  • That tone means sometime in the next few hours.
  • I who am Charles, was sometime Romeo.
  • He added that he hoped to meet Mr. Lopp sometime next week.
  • You may sometime be called upon to save another person from drowning.
  • For a bodye hath dyuers lynes metyng sometime in one corner.
  • Suppose we stayed alive, and sometime an honest ship took us off.
  • He never really noticed it, but she felt he would sometime love the doll.
  • I'll find you sometime in a way that'll make your hair stand up.
  • For happy roads may yet be long, And bliss must sometime bed.
  • The Merchant, sometime Banker-by-night, as now, began evening up chip-stacks.
  • I hope York never gits caught sometime like that man I knowed back in Indiany.
  • He hadn't been so good to me for sometime as he wuz for the rest of that day.
  • You don't need money anyway now, but sometime you may need a friend.
  • It was built sometime previous to Braddock's time but was not used after 1756.
  • With me it winter kills sometime in the winter each year, I don't know when.
  • I gen'rally git even sometime or 'nother, and I'll git square now.

How To Use Sometime In A Sentence?

  • This was adopted and promulgated sometime before the constitution proper was framed.
  • And sometime they rushed together with such a might that they lay both grovelling on the ground.
  • The larval stage of this insect leaves the nuts and enters the soil sometime in the fall.
  • But sometime later, as he was dozing off, a sense of reassurance began filtering into his mind.
  • Once again Kosciuszko was called to measure swords with his King and sometime patron.
  • And Mr. Endicott had said he might pay for it sometime when he got to be a great lawyer.
  • But for all that she intended, sometime that evening, to meet Art Osgood if he were in town.
  • I was, commissioned for the duty of discovering Livingstone sometime in October, 1869.
  • I do not even know that I do such things, but I 'ave been told that it sometime 'appen.
  • There is a law here which the world will sometime understand and use in the cure of the diseases that afflict mankind.
  • But in the beautiful golden sometime when the telephone ceased from troubling and the weary ones might rest.
  • His father was Edmund Bridgeman, sometime high-sheriff of that city and county, A.D. 1578.
  • Her dress was not so clean as sometime it had been;" the beginning of the end was plainly come.
  • Normally, the pistillate flowers will reach full development sometime between these two periods of pollen shedding.
  • He often ventured so far out to sea that neighbors warned his parents that he would sometime go too far and never return.
  • Him nam'st thou ancestor whom all the world Knows as a sometime favorite of the gods?
  • Then they hurtled together as two wild bulls rushing and lashing with their shields and swords, that sometime they fell both over their noses.
  • He had sometime before left college, where he had taken high honours, and was looked upon as a young man likely to rise in the world.
  • After several successive failures the mines had, sometime in the seventies, been put upon a basis, seemingly permanent.
  • But you're a dear fool, and sometime I may be able to remember that and nothing else.
  • And there Sir Marhaus did so nobly that he was renowned, and had sometime down forty knights, and so the circlet of gold was rewarded him.
  • That day at the club, Bruce in his depression had a chat with Goldthorpe, his golfing companion and sometime confidant.

Definition of Sometime

Former, erstwhile; at some previous time. | Occasional. | At an indefinite but stated time in the past or future.
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