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Definition of Sometimes

(obsolete) Former; sometime. | On certain occasions, or in certain circumstances, but not always. [from 16th c.] | (obsolete) On a certain occasion in the past; once. [16th-17th c.]

How To Use Sometimes In A Sentence?

  • I am sometimes quite ashamed of my plain self when we are going about together.
  • It is an old observation that the best writers sometimes disregard the rules of rhetoric.
  • Sometimes revelling in ale-houses; sometimes feasting under hedges in the green fields.
  • A good action cannot be too soon performed, and even a whim must be sometimes humored.
  • I saw sometimes exercised on others, over whom he had power, were never manifested towards me.
  • I was drawn to him by that Romantic sympathy that sometimes draws young men towards each other.
  • Night after night, sometimes until six in the morning, Hubert sat up considering them.
  • But sometimes life seems so sad, that I do not think I shall be able to bear with it any longer.
  • The world of thought, though sometimes described as Spirit or 'Geist,' is really impersonal.
  • And sometimes he is represented as the corrupter of the world; and sometimes the world as the corrupter of him and of itself.
  • It is a small species that sometimes is observed on the ground but was never seen ascending large trees.
  • I had suspected as much, but sometimes it is a surprise to have one's suspicions confirmed.
  • Every time he opened his lips there was sure to be a roar, and sometimes before he had time to speak.
  • That men and women who have vowed to love each other do sometimes prove false to their troth no reasonable man will deny.
  • It was sometimes difficult for two friends to recognise each other on account of the obstacles to recognition formed by their respective beards.
  • He does indeed describe objects of sense as regarded by us sometimes from one point of view and sometimes from another.
  • She never thought of herself; but he had sometimes wondered what worse things could have happened if she had occasionally done so.
  • Nor can we deny that he has sometimes interpreted physics by metaphysics, and confused his own philosophical fancies with the laws of nature.
  • There was nothing, as he sometimes observed, that flavoured life so deliciously as a keen appreciation of comedy.
  • She was sometimes like a hypnotised spectator watching with foolish, involuntary curiosity the actions of one whom she had been bidden to watch.
  • Her voice was often heard in wordy warfare with her husband; and his face sometimes showed signs that their conflicts were not confined to words.
  • He was mute and passive; excepting that fits of child-like weeping would sometimes come over him without any immediate cause.
  • His hair sometimes seemed to me typical of his mind and tastes, which Time never robbed of their enthusiasm.
  • I shuddered sometimes at the thought of the shock to the Old Housekeeper if she were to see her hall and stairs.
  • Naturalists sometimes hear at night, so Samouelle once told me, the grubs of moths munching the dewy leaves.
  • For one thing, the dear ladies were older, and fidgety, foolish little weaknesses of this kind sometimes increase with years.
  • We mean to affirm, that the innocent do sometimes suffer under the administration of God; and that all suffering is not a punishment for sin.
  • I use any tools that I find; and one of the greatest of reformers has said that he was sometimes obliged to use bad ones.
  • Garrofat sometimes made one of their little party; while Doola would occasionally thrust his long nose and ugly face into the circle.
  • He persisted in wanting Louise to meet him at the corner, sometimes just when I most wanted her in the kitchen.
  • Ida would sometimes draw a chair quietly to the table beside her own, and fancy that Mrs. Overtheway was having tea with her.
  • In narration and description the paragraph sometimes begins with a concise, comprehensive statement serving to hold together the details that follow.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sometimes | Sometimes Sentence

  • But sometimes these imaginings grew too painful.
  • Withdraw, and leave them sometimes to themselves.
  • I sometimes think that it died in France.
  • I wish to be cool, but these recollections will sometimes agitate me.
  • Sometimes their failure turns to comedy, sometimes to tragedy.
  • The female bear has one or two, and sometimes three, cubs at a time.
  • I sometimes think they would never notice it if I stayed away all the time.
  • That is sometimes called the Australian Continent because it is so large.

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