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  • Hubert was somewhat shocked.
  • Cloete was clearly somewhat disillusioned.
  • Is not to-day somewhat soon?
  • You say she was somewhat better at the time you wrote last.
  • This cold consultation was somewhat distasteful to Forval.
  • His knuckles, on closer view, appeared somewhat abraded.
  • This country has a president and a government somewhat like ours.
  • We found ourselves a somewhat indiscriminate collection of refugees.
  • My losses might have been somewhat more without this recovery.
  • It was not only a figure strange to her, but one somewhat strange in itself.
  • For party-line ringing the key matter becomes somewhat more complicated.
  • Her color was higher than usual, and her breathing somewhat uneven.
  • She appeared to feel reassured, somewhat protected by one so much her elder.
  • This vessel was somewhat altered on being bought by the Society.
  • The American vessel on this occasion had somewhat the advantage in armament.
  • Further investigation, however, put a somewhat different face upon the affair.
  • Mrs. Johnson, who was a dark and somewhat forbidding-looking lady, smiled.
  • Even MacRae owned himself somewhat at fault, once we came among the buffalo.
  • He looked across the table and met the poet's somewhat equivocal smile.

How To Use Somewhat In A Sentence?

  • I have been obliged to conclude the last few miles of my journey in somewhat ignominious fashion.
  • I'm somewhat puzzled to know why they didn't stand pat and make a clean job of us both.
  • Niclaus was somewhat afraid of the Frenchman on account of his tempers, which were awful.
  • His parish had sent him to the Continent with us to regain his somewhat broken health.
  • So on we hastened to Lhassa at last, glad to have secured the pony, but now somewhat belated.
  • The mountain, a grand and imposing cone, was in a somewhat active state, much more so than Etna.
  • The number of conducting strands in the flexible cord is somewhat dependent on the arrangement of the circuit employed.
  • This type of cell has the advantage of a somewhat lower internal resistance than the standard form just described.
  • In this slow progress they presently came upon a somewhat nondescript figure at work in a potato-patch.
  • If it rested on somewhat better evidence than any we are able to find in its favor, it would be at least more interesting.
  • Like a little child somewhat impatient over a morning lesson, he shook his hair back and sprang upon his feet.
  • This series may not be taken as correct for all electrolytes, for different electrolytes alter somewhat the order of the elements in the series.
  • But if her praises were somewhat exaggerated, I must own that her complaints were not wholly groundless.
  • He looked again: her dark curling hair hung on her swarthy neck, and she was somewhat untidily dressed in blue linen.
  • The meadows and fields, though a pleasant sight, are somewhat monotonous at home; here they have a perfectly different look.
  • Mr. Wilson had been away from home for some weeks, and we had been somewhat worried lest he should not return in time for our proving up.
  • Late in the afternoon, our pride of conquest somewhat chastened by the pangs of hunger, we marched onwards to Gyantse.
  • His bearing was peculiarly English, and in the somewhat free society of America was regarded as constrained.
  • What however somewhat disturbed our enjoyment of the meal was, that Sali told us, now would begin the bad roads.
  • A possible disadvantage of this type of instrument is the somewhat crowded condition which necessarily follows from the placing of all the parts in so confined a space.
  • A moment later his enthusiasm was tempered somewhat by the discovery that he had brought to the surface the strongest flow of salt water in the country!

Definition of Somewhat

More or less; a certain quantity or degree; a part, more or less; something. | A person or thing of importance; a somebody. | (degree) To a limited extent or degree.
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