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  • There was a calm over it, and a somnolent peace.
  • Coldstream was indoors, somnolent with the afternoon heat.
  • In the somnolent haze Of the mythical lake del y Soap.
  • The elder lady shook off her somnolent expression, and nodded sagaciously.
  • A comfortable, rather somnolent feeling settled upon the school.
  • It was one of those warm, somnolent New Mexico days as peaceful as old age.

How To Use Somnolent In A Sentence?

  • The clock now had a silent hall to tick in, and an audience of four or five somnolent merchants.
  • The street, save for a distant and presumably somnolent policeman, was deserted.
  • There was a house party and they amused themselves in the somnolent way peculiar to Alta.
  • An innocent line of railway darted past Kingcombe, in the vain hope of waking that somnolent town.
  • As I looked, the aspect of the day had changed The soft, somnolent haze had vanished from the air.
  • Perhaps the refreshments had worked a somnolent effect on them, or perhaps the great lopsided moon stared them into silence.
  • It was as if in a new castle of some grim, sleeping monster a magic wand had touched every somnolent spirit.
  • His voice was sunk to a somnolent monotone, his hands folded over his waistcoat moved slowly and rhythmically with his breathing.
  • The main thing is to retain one's hold of the prize, which is not difficult in somnolent darkness.
  • A somnolent atmosphere, still touched by the smell of gunpowder, greeted him as he strode majestically down the halls.
  • This, however, was also checked, and he settled down once more into a slow jig-jog of the most somnolent nature for those who were behind.
  • At the farther end of the lane thus made, a flashy young gypsy was seen, with a somnolent old mare on a halter.
  • Then he went out and home again, and fulfilled his destiny for the day by another somnolent hour with Milly before the fire.
  • He was blind to the charms of Harfleur, famous and somnolent, on the banks of a still more somnolent stream.
  • He recalled the first week of his clerkship in Mt. Alban, and a grin crept over his somnolent features.
  • Think of the French, who had once had a Villon, intoxicating themselves with somnolent draughts of Richardson.
  • When I unbolted the parlor door and found a somnolent navvy waiting to be shaved, I realized with astonishment how brief the interlude had been.
  • It was still too early for the cabarets and gambling places to be open, and even the saloon bars were somnolent save for the flies buzzing about them or drunkenly crawling in the spilled beer.
  • It was growing dusk, and the distant rumbling of the carriages in the Avenue of the Champs-Elysees sounded like some somnolent rhythm.

Definition of Somnolent

Drowsy or sleepy. | (dated) Causing literal or figurative sleepiness; soporific.
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