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  • He is son and brother now.
  • Edward had a son and daughter.
  • These are my eldest son and my daughter.
  • She bore me a son and a daughter.
  • One cannot be a son and be unfilial or unbrotherly.
  • My son and me now went home.
  • A son and a daughter were born to them.
  • He lost both his son and daughter.
  • I live here with my son and his wife.
  • I was his eldest son and heir.
  • The children were a son and two daughters.
  • Her married son and his family live with her.
  • He is the eldest son and hope of the house.
  • I was treated like their son and brother.
  • He had by his wife a son and several daughters.
  • My son and his wife they go mimaloos.
  • A son and a daughter came to complete their happiness.
  • Now hearken to me, son and daughter.
  • But they left a son and daughter to continue their work.
  • He is my only son, and the punishment is great.
  • Rutherford turned to his son and gave brisk orders.
  • He was ever a loving and dutiful son and brother.
  • The colonel smiled indulgently on his son and went off.
  • The mother confesses to the son and the son forgives her.
  • Agrippina knew her son, and was suspicious.
  • His only son and natural heir was alone absent.
  • He is his son, and was standing by when the head fell.
  • The son and son-in-law have each been mayor of their city.
  • He had now two children, a son and a daughter.
  • Also the son and heir grew more perfect every day.
  • Sabina went to see her son and heard the farmer first.
  • You married my son, and you ought to do your duty by him.
  • The good son and brother makes a good husband.
  • You want me to marry that bland and blessed son and heir.
  • I have no son, and am without personal ambition.

How To Use Son And In A Sentence?

  • She died young, leaving a son and a daughter.
  • The fisherman listened to his son, and away they went.
  • You have been caught, my son; and caught by whom?
  • Why, call me son and blush at thy desire.
  • Go forth, my son, and help.
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