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  • Father and son had found each other again.
  • The son had gone also.
  • But the son had completely disappeared.
  • The father did as the son had said.
  • An only son had died just as he had reached his majority.
  • Her son had the air of the college-bred.
  • He told me what his unhappy son had done.
  • Now the youngest son had a little boat of his own.
  • The death of his son had no part in his sorrow.
  • Things had not been easy since her son had left her.
  • Her son had but little personal fortune.
  • This son had become a staunch believer.
  • I am glad son had his first fight.
  • His son had removed it while he sat at dinner.
  • His daughter and son had been born to him in middle age.
  • She did not know her son had been tried and found guilty.
  • His son had very early given proof of superior capacity.
  • Let us see what was the lesson your son had laid to heart.
  • The son had no father, wherefore he was all powerful.
  • The sorcerer told him that his son had left him long ago.
  • Until she came, a son had never failed under that roof.
  • His son had gone to bring the Italian to justice.
  • The son had not a single Bonapartist feature nor trait.
  • Mr. Swift came in before his son had finished.
  • Her son had loved her, and Rachel had come between them.
  • The eldest son had been taken to England, where he died.
  • He died July 22nd, convinced that his son had poisoned him.
  • The son had a post in Hong-Kong.
  • Elhannon's dude son had pressed them for him.
  • Everyone said that the death of his son had broken his heart.
  • Father and son had rescued each other's lives.
  • It was not long till he was at the spot where the son had told him what to do.
  • She declared that her own son had secured his rights at last.
  • He believed his son had been dashed to the ground and killed.
  • She thought of what his son had said at their meeting at the ball.
  • The son had not forgotten his mother's request.
  • They went to inspect the place where the son had last been seen.
  • The valet's son had shown him the way.
  • The son had been brought up as a nobleman, with expensive habits.

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  • His son had been playing with a courtier and the latter had heedlessly wounded him.
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