Son In In A Sentence

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  • My son in the business?
  • He was a son in all but the name.
  • Put his son in prison?
  • The father and son in my power!
  • Actually to be our son-in-law!
  • Dandridge had each a son in the terrible conflict.
  • Look at my son-in-law!
  • And this gentleman is your son-in-law?
  • How he surveys me for a son-in-law!
  • Went down with his son in the blow last night.
  • Son-in-law had not yet appeared.
  • Have you really found a son-in-law?
  • The son-in-law and the alliance please me.
  • And my son-in-law, too.
  • He alone replaced his son in the command of the brig.
  • Welcome home my dear son-in-law.
  • Swearing under his breath he followed his son-in-law.
  • The son and son-in-law have each been mayor of their city.
  • Who could resist so handsome a son-in-law?
  • The pilot and his son-in-law came on board.
  • That is why father thinks him an eligible son-in-law.
  • Now listen to me, my future son-in-law.
  • And that my son-in-law is a great hunter, too.
  • My son-in-law takes the matter much too seriously.
  • And how fares my son-in-law, that lives there?
  • Woe to the mother-in-law in the house of her son-in-law.
  • The baron hastened to receive his future son-in-law.
  • The matter is settled, son-in-law.
  • His son-in-law went home and told his wife.
  • For a son-in-law like this is a veritable gold mine!
  • Who bore a son in Bethlehem.
  • Look here, though, son-in-law.
  • For my son, my son in a far country . .
  • How could anybody help loving a son-in-law like that?
  • Unlike his son-in-law, he felt that he must speak.

How To Use Son In In A Sentence?

  • They went below, but the son-in-law stayed in the trail.
  • My son-in-law is not very strong: he may fall ill too.
  • He was a son-in-law of Dopfer.
  • Li Dsing was now angry with his son in earnest.
  • Mart Tinman for my son-in-law!
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