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  • My young son is not here.
  • One son is at college.
  • And now my son is to win it.
  • Her son is beside her.
  • My son is of a class far above her.
  • His son is on horseback beside him.
  • My son is the true prophet.
  • My son is at hand and in danger.
  • My son is almost of age.
  • My son is 56 years old now.
  • My son is well acquainted with the road.
  • But that can never be because his son is gone forever.
  • My son is not a do-nothing either.
  • Your own son is man enough to understand that.
  • A son is a separate piece cut off.
  • Her son is delivered to his mother from the bier.
  • My son is not wright in his health or mind.
  • His second son is most remarkably like the emperor.
  • God be praised, my son is saved!
  • With his name that of my poor son is indelibly conjoined.
  • My son is fat, and in excellent health.
  • My word is pledged; my son is in danger!
  • Pie, my son, is effete and civilized.
  • My son is enamoured of virtue!...
  • Yes, my son is spoken of, but in what a way!
  • Horus, her son, is king of the world.
  • My son is a good son, a fine son.
  • But my other son is a disgrace to me; he is bad, very bad.
  • A son is born to me in Verona.
  • Alas, alas, my chiefest son is slain!
  • My son is intelligent, good and very handsome....
  • He never had a daughter, and his only son is in India.
  • At this moment her son is at Baden, with the court.
  • Yet not alone, another son Is with me all the while.
  • But our son is far, far away in the Punjab.

How To Use Son Is In A Sentence?

  • His Son is with the Queen.
  • His son is called Ptolemy Philadelphus.
  • The elder son is Frank Blaisdell.
  • Your son is plotting, plotting; I can see it.
  • Our eldest Son is kept in reserve for some such Heroine!
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