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  • Let me be a son to you.
  • He is no longer as my son to me.
  • Jean was a son to be proud of.
  • You will be like a real son to him.
  • Charles summoned his son to his presence.
  • What is an earldom for your eldest son to this!
  • And to his cot his son to bring.
  • She forced her son to walk on.
  • He will give his son to the dogs.
  • I have not been a good son to my father.
  • Ah! for a son to unite them!
  • Why your son, to be sure.
  • This poet was second son to the rev.
  • A line of thieves from son to son.
  • Mayest thou have no son to come after thee!
  • I should like my son to do the thing handsomely.
  • By that brig he wished his son to sail.
  • Renault exhorted their son to submission and deference.
  • I only thought you would send my son to me.
  • I called to my son to turn on the light.
  • A widow brings up her son to manhood.
  • He immediately sentenced his son to death.
  • He told his son to reveal to no one what they had done.
  • For a sum of money he will deliver my son to the king.
  • Here was the means at hand to bring her son to his senses.
  • It angered the son to hear the husband gloating over him.
  • I want my son to be plucky and independent and honourable.
  • I promised to dedicate my son to the service of the altar.
  • We have been brother and father and son to one another.
  • I thought you told your son to turn on the lights.
  • I, who first introduced a son to thee.
  • Thou are (really) a son to thy father.
  • Aengus was foster-son to Laeghaire.
  • Do I owe a son to your father?
  • Still do I clasp my son to my heart.

How To Use Son To In A Sentence?

  • Then I would leave mother and son to themselves.
  • Mr. Wickersham wished his son to have the best advantages.
  • It's always hard work for a rich man's son to stand alone.
  • In fact, Antek has a mother, and he is a good son to her.
  • This gentleman was son to the Earl of Bedford.
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