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  • Your son was everything for you.
  • Could it be that my son was feeling about for this?
  • His son was the hero of this story.
  • I only wish his son was like him!
  • And my son was cured from that hour.
  • And his son was a hunchback and a dipsomaniac.
  • The son was equally obdurate.
  • It turned out that her son was dead.
  • His third son was worthless.
  • His second son was dead.
  • His son was his legitimate successor.
  • He read in them that his own son was the robber.
  • But her son was of a deeper nature.
  • Her son was in his travelling-dress.
  • The elder son was in the field.
  • The likeness of father and son was marked.
  • He did not return until long after his son was asleep.
  • It was several months after his son was born.
  • His son was well and sure of victory.
  • That son was destined never to return.
  • Her son was very far from being the first of the name.
  • And the son was possessed of mighty strength.
  • The son was well dressed and comfortably off.
  • The rebellious son was signally defeated.
  • This son was properly the heir to the crown.
  • Time passed and a son was born to this worthy couple.
  • The son was a fine young lad of about fifteen.
  • While this son was a little child his mother died.
  • My son was sacred, they said.
  • The machine came on and she saw that her son was not alone.
  • All went on as before till another son was born.
  • His eldest son was the well-known judge.
  • Of these my eldest son was one that fell in the action.
  • The son was appointed assistant messenger in 1872.
  • His wife was dead, but his son was living.

How To Use Son Was In A Sentence?

  • The son was young, handsome and gifted.
  • His only son was growing up, and needed education.
  • Their son was born; the years passed.
  • Her son was not dead, he could not be dead.
  • His son was in our service as chauffeur two years ago.
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