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  • Happy is that son who has such a father!
  • It is my son who is in question here.
  • Is that the son who is in the army?
  • It was her son who caught her as she fell.
  • It was his own son who lay in yonder jail.
  • Yes, it was his son who lay on the bier.
  • A father once had a son who spent ten years in school.
  • He had one son, who was jist like him.
  • The baronetcy died with his son, who left only daughters.
  • For the sake of my son who is all I have to live for.
  • The Son, who all our sorrows bore.
  • Mother (to son who has fought on most of the Fronts).
  • Harlay had a son who was Advocate-General.
  • Mr. Wernwag had an only son who was named Edward.
  • She had an only son who was of comely form and handsome countenance.
  • With him was his son who was now old enough to accompany him in his wanderings.
  • He wished it was the son who had died instead of the father.
  • It was his son who was paying, after all it was right he should take his share.
  • He outlived his son, who drank himself to death before he was thirty.
  • It has passed into the hands of his son, who still lends it.
  • Once upon a time there was a mother who had a son, who went to school.
  • Twala turned and motioned to his son, who advanced with his spear lifted.
  • He is the only begotten son, who came down from heaven; he is in heaven.
  • Then all the family heard it, including the son who later became learned.
  • He wishes to call back his son, who is in turn striving to recall his son.
  • Nothing remained to her of the glorious past, but her son, who sat at her side!
  • So they buried him decently, and brought up his son, who is alive to this day.
  • Veronique was startled, and called to her son, who presently came toward her.
  • Her son, who succeeded her, sat on the throne for a quarter of a century.
  • My oldest son, who was then sick, has been restored to his usual health.
  • He got grown-up son, who look after dem while him fader away fighting.
  • Afterwards, having taken a wife, he had a son, who was the cause of his death.
  • These, when he died, came to his son, who in ability and ambition was a cipher.

How To Use Son Who In A Sentence?

  • If they were gambling together it might just as well have been her son who had owed it.
  • He never dreamed that it was his son who was making the goat so wild with misery.
  • Until very recently she received meat from some relatives with a young son who hunted frequently.
  • All is forgotten, all is dead to him except the souvenir of the son who was dear to him.
  • Then he turned to his son, who had drawn back as far as possible into the gloom.
  • The king called down his second son, who said that he had been in the golden chamber.
  • I have a son, who has just entered the service of this country, perhaps to die under its flag.
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