Song And In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Song And | Song And Sentence

  • Of song and masquerading.
  • In the coin of song and tale.
  • Immediately the song and the laughter stop.
  • Take the song and use it for your video?
  • Apollo being the god of song and music.
  • Outside to the left are heard song and laughter.
  • While song and jest shall last.
  • The house rang with song and laughter.
  • Among them was a bird of song and new tales.
  • Enjoy an evening hour of song and praise.
  • Let there be song and dance to-night.
  • The emigrant has been the theme of song and story.
  • A roar of happy song and laughter rose.
  • The red thrush broke into song and startled them both.
  • They passed the time with song and instrumental music.
  • The song and his observations crossed back and forth.
  • Stop singing that stupid song and give me the stuff!
  • It would have tickled a song and dance artist to death.
  • From others floated stray bits of song and laughter.
  • For it is a funny song, and he sang it well.
  • A trial song, and a love song at that?
  • They liv in poetry and song, and are seldum seen.
  • She loved the art of song, and had the true genius for it.
  • So a good hour or two may pass with song and jest.
  • There is no ease in the song, and yet ...
  • Most birds are nesting then, and in full song and plumage.
  • Now I have filled thy soul with song and sun.
  • A couch, and a crust, and a song, and a flagon of wine?
  • But Lesbia wearied of song and kisses, at least of his.
  • Tobacco in Song and Story.
  • Standing outside, I heard song and ribaldry within.
  • But the early Christians hated art, and song, and joy.
  • When we knew song And light And spirit-might.
  • Joy, Laughter, Song and Dance, all to be banished.
  • SEE Eddie Cantor song and joke book for 1934.

How To Use Song And In A Sentence?

  • Song and dance.
  • Send Joy and Laughter, Song and Dance away.
  • It was then that song and service had its living illustration.
  • There were birds then of more beautiful song and plumage than now.
  • But to turn from the romance of figures to that of song and story.

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