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How To Use Sonorous In A Sentence?

  • This verse is remarkable for its sonorous phrases and the archaic forms of the words.
  • Above all the other voices could be heard the manly, sonorous voice of the commander.
  • The sonorous melody lifted and crashed, subsiding into countless unmusical overtones.
  • Another turn of the screw, and a vital thrill filled the temple with its sonorous music.
  • It is apt to become a mere sonorous rhetoric, a cultivation of empty fine phrases.
  • The bell was struck, and far and near was heard the deep tone of its sonorous boom.
  • When he spoke, it was with the same sonorous voice, yet lacking the fine rolling accent.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sonorous | Sonorous Sentence

  • A sonorous snore was the only answer.
  • A proud and sonorous device.
  • To few of us is it more than a sonorous phrase.
  • There had been others of deeper and more sonorous sound.
  • We do it with the pious gesture and the sonorous phrase.
  • The sonorous tones brought them down to earth once more.
  • They are sonorous as a clear-toned bell.
  • On the violin some keys are more sonorous than others.
  • It was a deep, sonorous laugh.
  • Those sonorous tones drew grinning attention from others.
  • The sonorous grace may soon become stilted and offensive.
  • Jan played, and it gave out a sonorous arid clear melody.
  • His voice rang out firmly now, a deep and sonorous bass.
  • There was a sonorous "Aye, aye, sir!" along the ranks.
  • The solemnity of the sonorous exhortation was water in her ears.
  • These were no mortal steps that crowded upon his sonorous trail.
  • Through the hours of darkness his sonorous voice rose and filled the shack.
  • The bird of golden plumage had a sonorous voice and majestic bearing.
  • He could hear from within the sonorous assurance of deep slumber.
  • Raskolnikoff recognized the young man's sonorous accents.
  • In a few minutes his wife heard regular sonorous sounds from the bed.
  • After awhile a sonorous snore announced that he had fallen victim to my plot.
  • Then one can hypnotize oneself with the sonorous rhythm of repeated chords.
  • The strong sonorous voice of the captain shouted to us to get to cover.
  • Suddenly the sonorous tones of men's voices filled the air.
  • Here he comes; and the message is rolled forth in sonorous tones.
  • It has an unusually rich, sonorous tone and splendid carrying powers.
  • The priest's last words died away in sonorous echoes.
  • Above, the man poured out his triumphant death-song in sonorous periods.
  • The sonorous beauty and simplicity of the rite suddenly checked, faltered.
  • We were awakened by the sonorous music of the Cathedral chimes.
  • Show them how to write the sonorous throat letter in go, ga, gu.
  • Then, again, that glorious love-lyric came softly sonorous from the keys.

Definition of Sonorous

Capable of giving out a deep, resonant sound. | Full of sound and rich, as in language or verse. | Wordy or grandiloquent.
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