Soothed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Soothed | Soothed Sentence

  • How it soothed and comforted her.
  • But now she was to be soothed and not excited.
  • Her companion soothed her again.
  • The smoke soothed him.
  • It soothed her to be alone.
  • Its quiet beauty soothed me.
  • The morphine in it soothed and quieted.
  • Then will he have had that soul soothed and healed.
  • Delafield soothed her as best he could.
  • Already she felt soothed and hopeful.
  • She soothed them like children.
  • The touch and the sound soothed her.
  • Soon he soothed his soul to pleasures.
  • It would have soothed all his fears.
  • He soothed her with great tenderness.
  • The softness of her manner soothed him.
  • She said yes and he was soothed and satisfied.
  • The motion of the automobile soothed and satisfied her.
  • And he soothed her as he might have soothed a child.
  • The serene ease of his manner soothed her.
  • This soothed the irascible fellow somewhat.
  • He would neither be soothed nor commanded.
  • Then the ease of the shifted position soothed her.
  • How the quiet beauty soothed and caressed him!
  • It soothed the nervous excitement of pain and suffering.
  • Her mother took her into her arms and soothed her gently.
  • In an hour the doctor soothed his way into the flat.
  • The sight of his treasures merely soothed his vanity.
  • Through a long lapse of time has soothed the evil.
  • Perhaps the soft touch of the sun soothed his heart.
  • The calm autumn night soothed and protected her.
  • I liked the sound; it soothed me.
  • Joan soothed the outraged feline with a nervous laugh.
  • Gilbert took her in his arms, soothed and caressed her.
  • They soothed her with gentle, loving words.

How To Use Soothed In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps they pleased him; perhaps they even soothed him.
  • His matter-of-fact voice soothed and reassured her.
  • Paul soothed her, not by words, but by his touch.
  • She had been almost asleep, soothed by the cool and quiet.
  • The excitement soothed Jemima.

Definition of Soothed

simple past tense and past participle of soothe

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