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  • It soothes our nerves.
  • It still soothes pain.
  • That soothes the darkening shires.
  • And soothes the weak and fearful.
  • No partner soothes these cares of thine.
  • It soothes her better than anything else.
  • Even to talk music soothes the savage breast.
  • Cloete soothes her all he can. . .
  • A drop of castor-oil in the eye soothes it afterwards.
  • It first surprises, and then soothes them inexpressibly.
  • Balm, a sort of ointment that soothes pain and cures.
  • The lady smiled, as one who soothes a maniac.
  • And it soothes the Pomyeshchick.
  • The men fall in and he listens to complaints and soothes the indignant.
  • It soothes the cares of the troubled soul, and alleviates the pangs of sorrow.
  • It soothes like the sound of harmonious music, the sight of harmonious beauty.
  • He puts his arm round her, and soothes her, half laughing the while.
  • Memnon soothes the woe of ages, With a sweet song, every morn.
  • The Holy Ghost sometimes soothes me, but I prefer Goethe and Shakespeare.
  • But this soothes the anguish only Sweeping o'er our heart strings now.
  • Braine soothes her gently and says: "You shall not be put off.

How To Use Soothes In A Sentence?

  • One of these striped vulgarities both soothes and warms me as we re-cross the trenches.
  • It soothes her to feel that he is concerned; but it is not enough to be soothed.
  • The finger of time erases the memory of every wrong, and soothes with its touch every pang.
  • To Scythians leave these wild excesses Ours be the joy that soothes and blesses!
  • In the genuine language of despair, he soothes himself awhile with the pity that shall be paid him after his death.
  • Our celestial dynasty soothes and tranquillizes the central and foreign lands, and our favor flows most wide.
  • It relieves the little vexations and cares of life, soothes the harassed mind, and promotes quiet reflection.
  • The voice of waters soothes them with its fall, And the great winds bring healing in their sound.
  • An ear in which to pour our complaints, an eye to look pitifully on our pain, soothes and strengthens, if it cannot mitigate the anguish.
  • It serves to irritate and keep open the wounds in our lives, while it never soothes the afflicted, nor gives us a moment of peace.
  • The damp air, freshened by contact with trickling drops and oozy bogs, and perfumed with spicy cedar, soothes and cools.
  • The tender melody of the Miller's Song soothes his sore heart as if by a caress.
  • It relieves their conscience of any misgiving and soothes them with the assurance that only through the poverty and misery of the unfit can a higher civilization be evolved.
  • With this there came such a sense of peace and security, that my mind grew calm; and sleep, that soothes every heartache, brought its benison.
  • Now and then Will would half waken, and would reach out and dreamily pat my face and smooth back my hair, as one soothes a sorrowing child.
  • Let a person when tempted to cough draw a long breath and hold it until it warms and soothes every air-cell, and some benefit will soon be received from this process.
  • The more you consider them, the more they seem to have one element among them all, which is the reason that the most brilliant display of them soothes the observer, instead of exciting him.
  • Lettuces we may eat, but without the oil that soothes and the vinegar that interests, and if you add salt to them you will be thirsty, and you must never drink.
  • Poetry, or rather the poetic sentiment, exalts all our pleasures and soothes all our afflictions by some illusive charm, whether it be turned into the channel of religion or romance.

Definition of Soothes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of soothe
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