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  • You are such a sophisticated beggar.
  • This is a most sophisticated opinion.
  • A smile from the sophisticated one.
  • Your cheese board can stand a more sophisticated setup.
  • Jemima was nineteen, a most sophisticated young woman.
  • Even those who are exceedingly sophisticated frequently have such fears.
  • He didn't want their sophisticated views.
  • We must keep life from becoming sophisticated before its time.
  • A sophisticated woman would have translated the tone as a caress.
  • His sophisticated neighbor takes him on a wood-gathering expedition.

How To Use Sophisticated In A Sentence?

  • The skeleton compiler acts as a bootstrap for introducing more sophisticated facilities.
  • Many a more sophisticated man than your desert troubadour would have broken his neck over that.
  • There must be political wisdom on the part of the people but not a sophisticated state of mind.
  • A faint flavour of the gardener hung about them, but sophisticated and disbloomed.
  • The city gives even to children a sophisticated look that baffles the casual psychologist.
  • Indeed, the quantity of medical preparations thus sophisticated exceeds belief.
  • They have funds to burn on any sophisticated tool and toy that might happen to catch their fancy.
  • Some private boards have as many as thirty phone-lines and quite sophisticated hardware.
  • The ways of sophisticated women, the conventions of society, were alien to her life.
  • Her long jagged nose had shortened considerably, giving her quite a sophisticated look.
  • And yet, on second thought, one begins to wonder just how sophisticated such a conclusion may be.
  • Men are so far sophisticated that they cannot take the world as it is given to them by the sight of their eyes.
  • This sophisticated and rationally designed central bureaucracy was supplemented by regional administrations.
  • Breakfast removed any lingering misgivings, but might have created them in a more sophisticated mind.
  • It is only a late and highly sophisticated reflection upon behaviour of this kind which leads to theories for the justification of such behaviour.
  • New forms of phreaking are spreading rapidly, following new vulnerabilities in sophisticated phone services.
  • But she looked back after the girl had driven off, wanting to see if she was sitting up in that sophisticated little way she had.
  • Disgusted and abashed, the fox turned in his tracks and crept away to stalk some less sophisticated quarry.
  • At the other extreme, the sophisticated critic rejected over-elaboration and decoration and sought the truthful clarity of uncluttered art.
  • We were too sophisticated to doubt it, and tales of sun-dazed travellers mocked by such visions rose in our well-stocked memories.
  • How different the girls of fifteen or sixteen such as he had known in the city or in sophisticated villages in the East!
  • Patronage and curiosity are crimes in the West, and ones sophisticated will not risk their commissions.
  • To the sophisticated its allurements are those of the scarlet woman, to the innocent its voice is the voice of Joy.
  • A shy young girl sent to catch a husband at a fashionable hotel is, instead, captivated by a sophisticated woman.
  • They organized the primitive religion of the Chinese into a sophisticated social philosophy, and over the centuries their work took effect.
  • Brandy and rum is also frequently sophisticated with British molasses, or sugar-spirit, coloured with burnt sugar.
  • But in his heart there lurked a fear of the sophisticated Judge and Senator and man of the world whom he had not yet seen.
  • What could there be in common between the sophisticated Eglington and this sweet, primitively wholesome Quaker girl?
  • Moreover, his objectives and arguments were much more comprehensive and sophisticated than those of the other pamphleteers engaged in the controversy over petitioning.
  • With a good-natured shrug of his shoulders, the Journalist turned to his more sophisticated neighbor, and left her quite piteously alone once more.

Definition of Sophisticated

Having obtained worldly experience, and lacking naiveté; cosmopolitan. | Elegant, refined. | Complicated, especially of complex technology.
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