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  • He doffed his sophistication as he doffed his formal clothes.
  • It is scarcely necessary to state that this sophistication is innocuous.

How To Use Sophistication In A Sentence?

  • It had also taught him that in an age of sophistication the poet should not hide his personality wholly behind the veil.
  • But do we find this reasoning valid when we examine these tales free from the glamour which adult sophistication casts around them?
  • Confucianism had the effectiveness of the great religions and a sophistication and malleability superior, perhaps, to any of them.
  • The sophistication of wine with substances not absolutely noxious to health, is carried to an enormous extent in this metropolis.
  • I think it depends on a difference of reasoned opinion; in short, upon a sophistication of ideas on the part of Whitman.
  • More and more these old-fashioned modes of recreation are passing, and sophistication has brought in occupation of mind with a lot of unworthy things.
  • Though it may have overlooked elementary truths, and have sought to combine irreconcilable principles, it cannot be charged with lack of sophistication or subtlety.
  • Police and security knew for a fact that hackers of unprecedented sophistication were illegally entering, and reprogramming, certain digital switching stations.
  • Their beauty probably results from an artistic knowledge so refined, a sophistication so exact, that, as we gaze, we lose the process and see only results.
  • The Sophistication or Eclecticism of the Present Age 398 Sect.

Definition of Sophistication

Enlightenment or education. | Cultivated intellectual worldliness; savoir-faire. | Deceptive logic; sophistry.
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