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Definition of Sophomore

(US) The second in a series, especially, the second of an artist’s albums or the second of four years in a high school (tenth grade) or university. | Sophomoric. | (US) A second-year undergraduate student in a college or university, or a second-year student in a four-year secondary school or high school.

How To Use Sophomore In A Sentence?

  • And it is in the garden that we will leave our girls now, at the close of their sophomore year.
  • Dudley was a sophomore whose swift pitching had become the general talk of the college.
  • Anyhow, in the early spring we were able to take the sophomore tests and go on in that class.
  • The juniors looked pretty sober for a week, even the sophomore spirits were dashed for the time.
  • During Sophomore year these small groups would elect other men to the limit of full membership.
  • Before the year was up, they were as intimate as a Senior and Sophomore could be.
  • The fact that Agnew was also a sophomore had long been a disturbing thought to the Westerner.
  • The Sophomore president stood there, rumpled, winded, flaming with embarrassment.
  • Evidently the sophomore had not waited, she decided, so she said nothing to Miss Walker about it.
  • The matron put her into 52 with Lillian Arnold, a Sophomore leader of local society.
  • Yet it was plainly to be seen that the sophomore was nervous, and that the strain of the situation was beginning to tell upon him.
  • The sophomore lowered her voice to an impressive whisper, although there was not a person within a hundred yards.
  • The name inside was that of a sophomore who had already contributed several articles to the Monthly.
  • The flagpole was a small one located in the center of the enclosure, and from it fluttered the banners of the freshmen and the sophomore classes.
  • She sent a girl a live mouse through the mail and she broke up one of the sophomore class meetings by putting ticktacks on the window.
  • The sophomore had gotten rid of his superfluous flesh in a wonderful manner, and he looked to be a hard man to tackle.
  • This was partly accounted for by the fact that, while the sophomore class was large, it was completely outnumbered by the entering class.
  • Every sophomore had lent a helping hand in its construction, which had taken several hours a day for the better part of a week.
  • It is only in barber-shop politics and sophomore debating clubs that a decision of a question of policy takes its place among the eternal verities.
  • Abbot said he remembered him, by sight, as a sophomore would know a senior, but had never spoken to him.
  • For the same cause, the approaching election of officers for Sophomore year was of vital importance.
  • The Tuckers had been to school pretty steadily all their lives, so they were able to go into the sophomore class in everything.
  • To change the subject, I have heard very little mention made of the sophomore reception in the house.
  • Slips of the printed questions had been stolen by some member of the sophomore class the day previous, and Agnew was suspected of the theft.
  • Lyman himself, pretending to study, looked up from time to time, waiting for the Sophomore to unbosom himself.
  • Lyman, who smiled but seldom, was grinning across the table at a Sophomore trying to flip cracker crumbs into his mouth.
  • The prize was won by L. B. Bobbitt of Baltimore, a sophomore in Johns Hopkins University.
  • The speaker was Blanche Haight, a tall sophomore with bleached hair, and eyes set too near together.
  • They turned and waited while Bonnie's sophomore cousin, Mildred Connaught, dashed up.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sophomore | Sophomore Sentence

  • He began his sophomore year with no interest in athletics.
  • The opportunity of her Sophomore year had come too late.
  • The Sophomore did not speak; he only shook his head.
  • The Sophomore was in bed when Perkins came into his room.
  • Morey's was a sophomore resort.
  • She never dreamed that her sophomore escort was nearly as poor as she was.
  • The dead seriousness of the scheme has a peculiar sophomore quality.
  • With a smile she drew out a tiny vignette of her Harvard Sophomore cousin.
  • He went to Rutgers College for two years, finishing his Sophomore year.
  • With the Sophomore year, High School pupils had met several new things.
  • As a Sophomore Kilmer became engaged to Miss Aline Murray....

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